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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!  Have a HAPPY and SAFE NEW YEAR’S everyone!!




Welcome to my first post on this blog!  I’m excited!!  2008 is almost over.  I must admit I have some great memories and there  are some bad memories too :(.  The goal is to look at the new year and START over.  Well not completely, because I’ve learned so much this year I’ll apply what I learned to the new year!

I finally just sucked it up and paid for a membership to a great gym nearby!  GREAT NEW START!!  Well, it’s a trial 3-month membership.  I have to see if it’s going to work and so far so good!  Of course, it costs more then any other gym that I’ve researched in the area, but the up side is that it’s really close to our apartment and I can drive there and back before work!  Now I’m working on my diet.  If possible, I try to stay away from HFCS, trans-fat, and soda.

I was never an atheletic person by any means.  I was always an artist and a member of the band. Our band-camp was like boot-camp.  Which included running miles together in tempo, so that kept me in shape all through high school.  Then in college I ate whatever I wanted to because I had to walk from class to class with art supplies in hand, I was active in general, and I got to go to military gym for free when I was home from break.  After college I started working at desk jobs where I sat on my butt for 8 hours of the day.  YUCK!  I ate the same as I always do and soon I went up 2 pant sizes.  I’m short (5’0) so a little bit of weight looks like a lot and makes a huge difference in appearance!  I moved from my hometown to live with my boyfriend and it was then that he began to worry about how I ate.  I use to eat out for lunch everyday and it wasn’t healthy!  My lunches were loaded burgers and fries topped off with a Chocolate Sundae.  One day at work no less, I ran into a blog on Self magazine about health, eatlikeme, and became interested.  I was surprised that it was so easy for her to eat healthy and work in exercise everyday.  It was then that I decided to change my lifestyle.  Then I started to read other blogs and I’ve kept up with them!  I love reading about their daily struggles.  It shows that I’m not alone and some days it’s just PLAIN hard.  In comes my attempt for a blog!  This will hopefully keep me accountable for my up and downs.