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Back from my Holiday!

For the last two or so weeks T and I have been back and forth from Charleston to Columbia during Christmas and New Years.  We had a blast both times.  It’s nice to spend time with friends since I haven’t made to many friends here in Columbia.  Boo-woo!  Sob feast… On to the Blog!


Everyone got dressed up even little one…



Our Christmas Tree!!


New Years

We spent New Year’s eve with friends.  Boyfriend was in the bathroom while this picture was taken.


Today’s Eats

The day started off with Breakfast: Oatmeal pancake made with an egg instead of egg whites.  I topped the pancake with crunchy peanut butter, crumbled banana, and maple syrup.  On the side I had cantaloupe.  I ate about half of everything on this plate.


T and I did some errands today.  First, we put away the Christmas Tree and all the decorations.  So sad!  Is it me or is everyone’s living room bare now.  Sigh…  After going to Target and the Commissary for a few pantry items we came home.  I was running out of time before yoga so on the way home we stopped at Jersey Mike’s.  I got a veggie sub with a few chips.  With your imagination picture a sandwich with too much vinegar!  Yuck but I was hungry.

Then I was off to a yoga class at my gym.  It was as usual great!  The music is fun and the we go just go on our on flow.  Our instructor’s name is Jim and he’s not the typical Yoga instructor, but it’s a great work-out.  I always try to go to it to begin my week off at the right foot.  I know I haven’t been working-out and sticking to a diet of any sort, but it will all go back to normal tomorrow :).

Dinner was a frozen Uno pizza and some raw green peppers with a little ranch.


Boyfriend rented Step Brothers which I’ve been watching while doing this blog.  So on to the movie… Niters!



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