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I bought this at Whole Foods the other day down in Charleston.  I wanted some quick meals that I won’t have to cook for the up coming weeks.  So this was one of the new frozen products I tried out.  More products to come…  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I don’t even think that I read this completely before picking it up.  T was with me and of course he was trying to rush me out because to him 5 seconds to make a decision is too long.  I can’t really think that quick with whining in the background.  Well, I was absolutely delighted!  I, of course, was in a rush this morning and tossed this in my lunch bag with an applesauce.  Then as I was rushing out the door I couldn’t find my keys.  I called Boyfriend to see where he put them and alas I found them.  I was still on the phone and running out the apartment when…. I realized I forgot my lunch bag right near the door.  So I had to run up the stairs and get it.  Whew!  A few more minutes late but well worth it.

My co-worker walked right in after I popped my Pot Pie in the microwave and it does take about 4 to 5 minutes.  She was picking at her leftover pizza and whining that she might just use the toaster oven.  So beware if you decide to bring this for lunch make sure there’s no one coming right after you.  I bought this to my desk and started to crack it open.  That’s my favorite part!!!  Then I took my first bite! YUM!!  Of course I found my first piece of tofu and I was a little scared, but wow you don’t even miss the chicken!!  I love tofu and now I’m convinced it tastes good in everything!  The sauce was creamy and delish.  The veggies were tender and warm.  I have to admit I picked out the carrots.  It’s one of the ONLY things in this world that I don’t like.  I ate the entire pot pie and to make things even better!!! I didn’t need anything else.  It was so satisfying!  My only gripe about this Pot Pie is that it is a little costly.  If you think about the other Pot pies out there it isn’t that expensive, but if I were to go out and get fast food it cost more for food and gas.  I feel good when I’m eating this and the sodium level in this isn’t as bad as other soups or products out there that claim to be healthy.  So Joane would get this again.— Two thumbs up!  The price is worth it.

Check out the other types of Pot Pies on their site.  They also have an array of products that I will be trying in the near future.  I love it all!!

Going to kiss the boyfriend gnite and take a shower 🙂


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