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Odd Combos

Today was the continuation of yesterday…  Yes it’s rough day numero uno.  Blah!  I woke up early, stayed in bed and watched a little t.v.  I started getting hungry so I finally got up and made myself a bowl of cereal with milk.  There was no fruit in the house to put in my cereal as usual so I think I was craving for more.  Then it began… the munchies.  Organic chips, nuts, and a mini pear (past it’s time) made it into my mouth.  Upset with myself I got up and finished my organization project I started yesterday.  It still needs a little more work, but I just made everything tidy.  I was over it!!  It was starting to get late and I needed something to eat.  Sooo… I came up with this for lunch.


This happens to be an apple sausage, 2 poached eggs on a Pan De Sal with Smart Balance.  I needed something veggie-like so I included leftover brussel sprouts from yesterday.  This meal may seem like a weird combo, but it worked for me :).  I showered and put my gym clothes on so I can go to Body Flow class and Yoga after grocery shopping.  But in true Jo-style I began to run out of time.  So I decided to Ex Body Flow class, go to Publix for some grocery shopping and go to Yoga at 4.  I’m proud of myself for thinking of a menu for the week and putting together a grocery list of things I needed.  Well, I got there and found out I forgot about things like string cheese for lunch, soy milk for my coffee, and OJ for juice.  Oh well… blah… at least I got what I needed and nothing more.  I came back home and dropped off groceries, played with Chip for awhile and went back out for Yoga.  I’m sad, because our instructor said they might be working Yoga out of our gym and moving more Body Flow classes.  Body Flow classes are a combo of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga.  Blah!! I am really loving yoga so I hope they don’t work those classes out of the schedule :(.  I was going to do some cardio when I decided I just wanted to come home and rest.  After coming home I snacked again *urgh then made dinner.


Again this may seem like a weird combo:  Sweet potato baked, but then it wasn’t as soft as I liked so I put it in the microwave for 2 more minutes, Salmon with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, and onion on top baked, and a little tomato for something veggie-like.  Yes, I know technically it’s a fruit.  Weird but yummy dinner.

So tomorrow I promise to get up early before work and head to the gym.  I believe that the mornings are the best time for me to work-out with my stupid work schedule and the commute.  So let’s see….

I leave you with this thought:

Remember the old adage: Eat the breakfast of a king, the lunch of a queen, and the dinner of a pauper.

I know I don’t follow this, but I’m going to start trying to do this starting tomorrow.  Again let’s see how it works out! 🙂



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