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Back to the grind…

Welcome everyone to Monday!  Yah!  Not! Today was the usual Monday.  Everyone has been in the office lately, and it’s hard to get use to because it’s a little busier then normal.  Usually everyone is on the road, but since the holidays are just over everyone needs to set up for appointments.

I kept my promise!! BUT Of course, I woke up REALLY late.  Then, you know it was cold outside so I had to wait till my car warmed up.  Once I found my car scraper the ice melted a little faster.  So by the time all that was done it was coming close to 7am (I have to be at work at 8:30 with a 30 commute).  I got to the gym and decided that I only have 15 min to get any work-out in.  So 15 min on the treadmill it was!  It was the fastest, hardest workout for the short amount of time.  At least I got something in right? Then I came home and made at the same time BREAKFAST/LUNCH.  I decided that sandwiches were the easiest, fastest meals to make.  I made a pb+j sammie for breakfast with a banana and a hummus, spinach, and cheese sammie for lunch with a tangelo and string cheese :).  I then rushed a shower and headed to work.  I was a little late, but whatever!  My office is relax so being a little late is ok.

Right at 5:30pm, I rushed home to let Chip out and made dinner.  I decided since today was so carb loaded that a salad was just right.  I baked chicken with salt, pepper, paprika, and olive oil with a little smart butter in between cracks in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes.  It was on top of spinach, some peppers, and tomatoes.  I put lemon juice and balsamic vinegar as a dressing.  It was delish!! I almost forgot I added goat cheese on top.  All they had left at the store was goat cheese with garlic and chives so whatever again!  I always feel like a meal isn’t complete without a carb so I added a my last Naan out of the box and made a little dip of Balsamic and olive oil.  Yum!!!  This salad was absolutely huge but I ate most of it because I was hungry!  I need to watch my portion control.  Maybe I need to add a little more to my meals during the day so I can feel like I can have a smaller dinner?  I was going to do yoga but it’s getting late and laundry was calling my name.   NOT TO MENTION JON and KATE + EIGHT!  Love that show!!


Ok, for tomorrow… I’m going to wake up at 6 and head to the gym (at least try really hard)!  I want to make sure that I have enough time to make oatmeal!!!!  —On the stovetop instead of the microwave at work.  Such a huge difference….

Ok back to the show…



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