Coconut Jo’s Blog


Hello!  Well I’m back again…. After a stressful and long vacation from blogging.  Well, let’s see….. what have I been up to?

First is first.  I’ve decided to run my first 10k.  It’s happening in a month.  I can happily say that I can run 4 miles but in errr… 45 min.  I’m embrassed to say that.  After all 5k’s are 30 min.  But yes… so I need to add 2 more miles, which isn’t the problem it’s the length of time I spend running.

Then secondly…. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.  More details later, but I’ll be trying to accomplish one of my goals which is going to graduate school.  Woop Woop!  I found out after this semester was beginning because of some mis-communications at my new school, but all in all it’s okay.  The big picture is that I got in and now it’s just paperwork :).

Then thirdly… T is back safe and sound.  Chip and I missed him greatly.  We are proud of his accomplishments!

Then fourthly… Still working out the kinks in my blogging style, but it’s def. going to be Jo-Style.  Yah!!

Okay more lates…. I’m going to shower, do laundry (so behind never caught up), and probably read :).  Skipped running today but tomorrow is a busy day.

1. Getting breaks on car.


3. Shopping with T.

4. errr…. more then I can list at the moment.

Hearts to all!! Good night!