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First thing’s first— on my way home I saw the prettiest rainbow :).  Ok next, I must comment on my one of my favorite shows.  Jon + Kate plus eight has become really sad.  You can cut the tension in the room when they both come into the picture.  When something gets stuck in my mind it just lingers and I’ve been thinking about this all day.  I hope things work out for the best but they are headed for divorce.  They just need to stop making shows and think about making a better life for their children. But PLEASE don’t get me wrong I really love the show, but it was like watching a train wreck last night.

Today’s work was horrible!!  My co-worker did not cover me AT ALL so there were thousands of dollars worth of checks sitting around and our monthly numbers were bad.  Luckily they extended the end of the month.  Whatever!!

So for dinner the boyfriend and I decided that we would have GREEK.  We went to our go-to place and guess what?? It didn’t agree with me.  I got the special which was seafood/chicken mix on top of pasta.  Uhmm… yes my stomach is telling me it hates me right now.  Plus I got a side salad.  Did I mention that my boyfriend surprised me with a HUGE piece of chocolate cake?? SOOOOOO GOOD!!  I did not even eat half of the pasta or salad.  I just had maybe a couple scoops?  But I did help the boyfriend make a dent in the cake.  I need to be better with taking pictures.  But trust me it was lovely.

Housewives of New Jersey is calling my name!!



Back from “Home Vacation”

Tomorrow I’m back to the grind.  Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. the first couple of days were so relaxing and refreshing.

Thursday started off BAD.  I looked outside and thought maybe it will be better?? Nope.  The sun did not peek out and it was chilly.  So I decided we should just go to the aquarium.  We’ve been wanting to go and I thought what’s a better time then our “home vacation.”  We really enjoyed it and it was a blast.  My mood was instantly lifted.  Then after much pleading and begging we stopped by JCREW- My favorite store ever!!!  Luckily we found parking downtown and I found two things on sale.  I love JCREW but really the only things I can afford are usually in the sale items.  After my joyous trip I was happy!  Then we ate a late lunch at Whole Foods!  yahhhhh…. There I bought fruit for the family (and me) and some other stuff.  Nothing to important- dried pineapple, dark chocolate with mint, energy bars, and raw cashews.  While there we did get some very sad news.  We are hoping everything will turn out ok.

I finally got to go to the beach FRIDAY!!! It was everything I dreamt of.  First the boyfriend and I walked about 1/3 of the Cooper River Bridge. (I ran this bridge during my first 10k)  Then seeing the great running opportunity ran down the bridge.  It was absolutely fantastic!!! The boyfriend isn’t much of a runner so I walked back up the bridge to meet him and walked the rest down.  Then the weather held up and we went straight to the beach.  For being a holiday weekend there wasn’t that many people there.  I guess everything did what we did and made do with things to do inside such as the aquarium which we did go to!  I read my fabulous book and enjoyed the ocean air.  When I lived in Charleston I never really think I thought of it as a pleasure, but being the person I am now I see it as being something I love.  The boyfriend sitting there after 15 min said I’m ready to go I said seriously??? He “tried” to laugh it off and a couple hours later we put our stuff in the car as quickly as possible.  Being the beach and hard-to-find parking we didn’t want the cars hoovering around us thinking we were ready to leave.  Then we ate at Coconut Joe’s the restaurant.  haha… my friend’s did coin my “coconut jo” from the restaurant.  I love it!  I tried the crab cake sandwich with fries and it was great.  I wish I got the fried shrimp but honestly it was a bit to much.  Anyways… Upon arriving home my boyfriend (who didn’t wear any sunblock) was burnt to a crisp!!! I was giggling to myself that I noticed a lot of people who didn’t have the BASE tan who also turned red.  The weather really hasn’t allowed people to enjoy the sun.  I hope it lets up soon.  That night I spent shopping and having dinner with some girlfriends.  It was good to catch up.

Sat.  I wanted to be a lazy day.  We woke up really late, ate breakfast (my dad prepared breakfast everyday), and I headed for a run.  It was great!! It was only 2 miles, but it really was a rough 2 miles.  I intended to do 3 but I just decided I wasn’t feeling that last one.  Once I headed home the boyfriend and I decided to try the new Viet restaurant.  It supposedly is better from the restaurant before there and merged with a new restaurant to have sushi.  Uhmmm… No!! The pho is not better and the SUSHI was not good.  So yahh… Blah!!!  After we picked up my mom from work and I picked up some cookie dough.  I wanted to make sugar and chocolate chip.  I did sugar and decided I was done.  The rest of the night included television and internet browsing.

Sunday was a big day.  Some of our friends with their kids were coming to Charleston to go to the waterpark.  uhmmm… to everyone’s disapointment it was cloudy and rainy.  Again I am grateful for FRIDAY!!  We x’d that idea and headed downtown for a carriage ride.  Being that I’m from Charleston I never went on a carriage ride in Charleston.  I hated them when I interned downtown at a gallery.  First of all the horses pee and poop whereever they want.  Secondly the horses don’t look happy.  Our friends did want to do it since it’s very Charlestony and we had a mini-history lesson.  The tour guide did mention that horses are Omish and they are use to the labor.  They just need to be aquainted to the area.  I don’t know I’m still on the fence about it.  Anyways… It was an experience and we had fun.  The children fell alseep I guess since it’s so relaxing.  Then we head to A.W. Shucks.  Not the best.  We just ended up there because we wanted out of the rain.  THEN a MIRACLE!!  The rain let up and the sun came out.  We walked to the pier with the pineapple fountain.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS AREA.  I can just sit there and daydream all day long… They loved it as well.  We left and headed to my parents where we ate my parent’s wonderful food and the boys who were supposed to watch a movie together ended up playing Call of Duty.  It was a late night after a long day but it was well worth it.

Today I’m soo sad to say is my last day of freedom.  We spent the day again with friends at the Tanger Outlet mall.  I did a little damage which added up to be a lot of damage over the period of the weekend.  I’m glad the boyfriend and I had time together, and I had time with my family and friends.  It’s well worth it.  Of course, I would have loved to go to NE to meet the boyfriend’s family but they ended up leaving their town too.  I guess everything works out.  I spent a lot but not as much as leaving town would have which is ok by me.  I’m grateful for my family, my boyfriend, and my Chippie.

Back to work tomorrow but I feel I’m relaxed and ready for payday next week :).  Let’s hope nothing went wrong and my desk isn’t a complete mess.


Vacation Day 1

Hola!  So today was day 2 of my “home” vacation.  Since the boyfriend and I are house-hunting we didn’t think it was wise to go on a real vacation.  It’s been really stressful so we are just chillen at home.  Today started off with one of my dad’s homemade breakfast.  Yum!  It’s not very waist friendly but it’s good!!  Then I convinced my mom, dad, the boyfriend to go to the park and do a little cardio.  Yes, the boyfriend even ran with me for a almost a mile.  The little pup ran with me for .5 miles and I did 2 miles all together.  At least it was something.  Wonderful running weather 🙂 today.  Then we put the pup asleep and cleaned up to go for a little adventure.  The boyfriend and I went to Five Loaves Cafe in Mt. Pleasant-  Very tasty yum!!!  I reached for my purse and realized I left my card and ID in my fuel belt!! SMART ONE!!  Sooo…  I thought a walk on the beach would be good.  Too bad the boyfriend took a wrong turn and we passed it.  So we decided to walk around the outlets and get my mom a cheesecake from Sam’s-  Per mom’s request.  When we got home I helped my dad with dinner.  I made a salad and he made chicken and rice.  I then enjoyed dinner with the boyfriend and dad.  Delish!!  Not a bad day… More days to come 🙂  I just want these days to last forever!!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to go to the beach.  Today was a little to chilly to really enjoy the beach.  I’ve been really craving the beach…. ACK! Good niters 🙂