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Vacation Day 1

Hola!  So today was day 2 of my “home” vacation.  Since the boyfriend and I are house-hunting we didn’t think it was wise to go on a real vacation.  It’s been really stressful so we are just chillen at home.  Today started off with one of my dad’s homemade breakfast.  Yum!  It’s not very waist friendly but it’s good!!  Then I convinced my mom, dad, the boyfriend to go to the park and do a little cardio.  Yes, the boyfriend even ran with me for a almost a mile.  The little pup ran with me for .5 miles and I did 2 miles all together.  At least it was something.  Wonderful running weather 🙂 today.  Then we put the pup asleep and cleaned up to go for a little adventure.  The boyfriend and I went to Five Loaves Cafe in Mt. Pleasant-  Very tasty yum!!!  I reached for my purse and realized I left my card and ID in my fuel belt!! SMART ONE!!  Sooo…  I thought a walk on the beach would be good.  Too bad the boyfriend took a wrong turn and we passed it.  So we decided to walk around the outlets and get my mom a cheesecake from Sam’s-  Per mom’s request.  When we got home I helped my dad with dinner.  I made a salad and he made chicken and rice.  I then enjoyed dinner with the boyfriend and dad.  Delish!!  Not a bad day… More days to come 🙂  I just want these days to last forever!!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to go to the beach.  Today was a little to chilly to really enjoy the beach.  I’ve been really craving the beach…. ACK! Good niters 🙂



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