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First thing’s first— on my way home I saw the prettiest rainbow :).  Ok next, I must comment on my one of my favorite shows.  Jon + Kate plus eight has become really sad.  You can cut the tension in the room when they both come into the picture.  When something gets stuck in my mind it just lingers and I’ve been thinking about this all day.  I hope things work out for the best but they are headed for divorce.  They just need to stop making shows and think about making a better life for their children. But PLEASE don’t get me wrong I really love the show, but it was like watching a train wreck last night.

Today’s work was horrible!!  My co-worker did not cover me AT ALL so there were thousands of dollars worth of checks sitting around and our monthly numbers were bad.  Luckily they extended the end of the month.  Whatever!!

So for dinner the boyfriend and I decided that we would have GREEK.  We went to our go-to place and guess what?? It didn’t agree with me.  I got the special which was seafood/chicken mix on top of pasta.  Uhmm… yes my stomach is telling me it hates me right now.  Plus I got a side salad.  Did I mention that my boyfriend surprised me with a HUGE piece of chocolate cake?? SOOOOOO GOOD!!  I did not even eat half of the pasta or salad.  I just had maybe a couple scoops?  But I did help the boyfriend make a dent in the cake.  I need to be better with taking pictures.  But trust me it was lovely.

Housewives of New Jersey is calling my name!!



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