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House- Hunting and Prep

Tomorrow is my 4-miler for July 4th race!  Excited and scared that I’m going to die!!  The parents came up to come see a house with us.  Let’s just say it was a NO-GO!  Seriously, people take care of your house!!! We went to one house where the bathroom was painted DARK GREEN with NEON GREEN CIRCLES.  SCARY!  My mom told us she would NOT LET US BUY THE HOUSES!  I agree.  I have everything laid out for less stress and I have my alarm set.  I haven’t raced in say over a month.  Uhmm… Let’s hope my speed is the same.  Ok, well the boyfriend is sleeping already (not even 10 yet).  I’m typing next to him and the pup.  I will be going to bed since I will be waking up tomorrow at 6 and it’s going to be a long day.  Things that I’m “hopefully” planning to do:  EARLY pool time, going to Sumter to meet up friends at Kobe’s and maybe going to Dillon park to watch fireworks.  The boyfriend hates waiting in huge crowds but I think we all convinced him to get over it.  hehe… Show the love. Niters!!