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My title explains it. Today has been go go go. First thing’s first. Last night wasn’t very healthy. We went to Red Robin’s because I was reading all day and I decided to go grocery shopping. It’s not smart to go grocery shopping while hungry and Red Robin was there so there we ate. Did you know you can change any burger to veggie or boca? That’s what I did Cheese veggie burger on a whole wheat bun. Yum! Today…

This morning was something different. Whole wheat banana muffin and grapefruit. I ended up eating only half of the grapefruit. The muffin was filling! I didn’t expect it to be.


It’s a new find for me yesterday at Super Bi-Lo.


I came home after my morning class and thought I was dying. Seriously! Maybe it’s the weather? After a quick 30 min nap with Chip I settled on soup. Yes Ramen- So Bad! Again it’s what my dad made me when I was sick when I was little. Along with mineral water to help settle the tummy. I had a bed of spinach at the bottom of the soup for some veggie in my meal.


I didn’t come home after my night class till 7 something and I’ve previously asked the boyfriend to help with meals these two nights. I usually coordinate meals and frozen pizza was a no for him tonight.  So he got take-out from a Vietnamese restaurant.


He got one rice meal and a Vermicelli noodle meal. We combined the two meals and served it family style. My plate is the one with all the veggies on it. We watched it along with some Myth Busters.


Here is my meal with a little bit of everything and the sauce they serve with it drizzled on top. Yum!

Ok… It’s late and I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is my first time observing a class :). I’m so excited!!


Boy/ Girl Day

I think every couple needs to have a day without each other once in awhile. T and I spend yesterday basically apart. After I dropped him off to pick up his car I went to yoga. After class my friend and I met up with another friend and we had lunch at Zoe’s. So the plan was to watch a movie but then someone suggested shopping. Being three girls we decided that was the better idea. So we headed to the mall. I ended up not getting home till 8 something. Yes it was a long day to say the least. I wasn’t hungry till 9, because of our late lunch. Here’s what I came up with.


I wanted something simple so eggs in a basket it was with oranges. It satisfied me :). The boyfriend on the other hand hung out with a friend at home, meet other guys at Carraba’s then went to watch Book of Eli. I asked him if I’d like it and he said he wasn’t sure. I’ll wait for that to come out on DVD. hehe… Around 10 he finally came home when I was “trying” to read for class but I quickly pushed that aside so I can chat with him. I missed his face. So today is going to be school work day since yesterday I had fun day.

I’m so excited about this purchase yesterday. The black and gold pillows were only $4.99 at Ross yesterday! I feel so thrifty!!


This is the breakfast I was eating while blogging.


The book is there to get me motivated! This is an Alexia Biscuit again thawed and toasted in the toaster oven covered with organic butter and raspberry jam. Then I have a side of mango with a little bit of a weird savory filipino sauce. Something I grew up with and reminds me of my dad when I eat it. Then tea because I’m cold. Isn’t my tea bag holder cute?

Till next time blog world! I have to finish my breakfast and read while the boyfriend tries to play his video game on our big tv. What’s up with that?

Early Day

Good Morning all! The boyfriend and I woke up early for a Sat. so we can drop off his car to get the brakes repaired. Instead of going back to sleep I decided that I should go to Starbucks and get an Awake Tea Latte. Oye! Of course, I looked horrible so I went through the drive-through. I asked for Soy milk instead of regular and I think I got regular. See… I’m sort of lactose. Sometimes depending on my body’s mood dairy affects it quickly. Let’s just say today it affected it quickly! I even asked her if she heard me and she said yes. If only they knew!

Anyhow… I made this biscuit for breakfast when we came back home.


Alexia all natural biscuit, morning star sausage, and and a slice of cheese. Yum!


While drinking my tainted Awake tea latte I was on the computer. It spilled in the car so I put the drink in another cup. I seriously have been working non-stop this week for school. I was volun-TOLD to work on a project at school, and I volunteered for another project that will keep me after school helping kids on Wednesday afternoons. I love it and I will get great experience but it’s going to be crazy busy this semester. It’s only week 2 and I’ve been on campus everyday for more than 8 hours. Here’s are some of my eats this week.


This was eaten during lunch on Tuesday. This was a lunch of leftovers that kept me full till 7:30pm when I got home that day. Left over acorn squash with texas pete and catsup, sausage, and rice with soy sauce.


This soup is a recipe from Rachel Ray’s magazine. It contains chicken broth, black beans, broccoli rabe, onions, and sausage. Just all mixed together. It’s very filling and I had it for dinner on Monday night and leftovers on Tuesday night after my late class. That’s going to be a key this semester- LEFTOVERS!


This was yummy oatmeal with banana mixed in while it was on the stove, brown sugar on top and a spoonful of almond butter. This breakfast held me over until lunch yesterday. Even though it was Friday I was in school till 5. Ugh!


Half of this yummy dessert from a local greek restaurant was a treat after dinner last night along with tea. The other half is going to be consumed tonight or after lunch, whichever.

Lots to do this weekend. I want to start and finish a paper for one of my classes today so I can start the readings for another class tomorrow. I also have plans to hang out with the girls tonight and I have a yoga appt. at 12 with a friend. Not to mention I have to drop off the boyfriend to pick up his car! Let’s hope I catch up with everything today.

*Hugs* I’ll see you soon.


I hope everyone that has today off is enjoying the sunshine :). I was out there a little bit running an errand. I do have full intentions on heading to yoga at 4:45 with Amy so I’m waiting on a run till after. Let’s remember Martin Luther King and what he has done for us. He was one of a kind!

Friday was Chip’s Bday! I got him a Birthday cake! He enjoyed the icing of the cookie and pieces of the cake. He loves being a 4-year-old.


Here he is modeling his new harness.


Anywho… Friday T and I also headed to Dianne’s on Devine. Here’s the website It’s a pretty expensive restaurant and the only reason we were able to go is that it was Restaurant week here in Columbia, SC. We enjoyed a four course meal with a free class of wine. Here’s my review.

From a menu of choices:

Warm rolls were served and I ate one with butter. There were light and melted in my mouth.

1st course: Mushrooms stuffed with a seafood stuffing and topped with Mozzarella. Amazing! There were bits of shrimp and I squeezed the lemon wedge that was served with it on top. This gave the mushrooms a tang.

2nd course: Caesar Salad- It was not the best tasting Caesar I’ve ever had. T thought the same thing. There were larger pieces of cheese found in the salad but the salad dressing was lacking in flavor. I tasted this course but waited on my entree.

3rd course: Chicken Saltimbocca- This comes with raisins and I asked them to leave them out. The chicken was tender and well seasoned. The spinach served with it was absolutely amazing! I loved the taste of garlic that came across. The pasta served with it was alright and I took bites but I really focused on the chicken and the spinach. I still have maybe a little less then half of the serving in my fridge.

4th course: Tiramisu! I ate my whole serving. The whip cream was light and refreshing and the coffee taste wasn’t overwhelming like it can be. The lady fingers at the bottom were sparse but it was enough of a taste.

We were seated near the front of the restaurant right underneath a ceiling fan. The waiters and waitresses had to keep lighting our candle. One waiter actually hit our table while serving his table. There were many large groups when we came so tables were not really available. This was alright because the whole dinner experience was lovely! The boyfriend and I loved the restaurant and would come back once I get a regular job again :).

It’s been a crazy weekend so far. We’ve been doing home projects, having people over to our home, shopping for our house, school, and whatever! So it’s nice to whine down. I’m headed to yoga class with my friend Amy so I’ll catch you later!

New Day!

So yesterday I noticed my camera started shaking. I have a cute pink Sony touch-screen camera. It’s only about 2/3 years old. I love it I got it either two or three years ago for my bday. I was pissed! The boyfriend looked it up online and it’s going to cost $111 to get it fixed when we mail it in because the warranty is out. With that kind of dough might has well buy a new one. Shesh! We saw that it’s also a typical problem that many people complain about. Urgh!!- Rant ended.

So yesterday I ran on the tready…. Here’s my tready!


It’s in the corner of our bedroom. When I run on it I like the tv on and the windows wide open. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m lucky to have one since I don’t have a membership to a gym, but I can go to the one on campus. Too bad it’s 30 minutes away. Anywho… I ran on this before class for 20 min and the day before 45 min. I do a run/walk when I’m on the tready. I’ll soon be running the whole time. Yesterday when the boyfriend came home we also did P90X. I did a slightly easier version of all the moves but it was still a sweat breaker- 16 min Abs and 1hr cardio.

Yesterday was a big day! A Chipotle opened up here in Columbia!!! They were giving away free burritos so of course after class I had to get one. I did have to stand in line for 20 minutes but it was well worth it. I love burritos!!


Mine was so big the foil didn’t go over it!


I had half for lunch and half for dinner. For dinner I added extra salsa and Texas Pete. I love that combo! I’m thinking about that combo again for lunch.

Today I have one class which should be a fun one. It’s Elementary Art Education, we are going to do texture drawings- Excited! Before that I have laundry and 20 min of yoga I plan to do.



I haven’t been making the best food choices. Which explains where the extra pounds are coming from. Ok, so I came home yesterday in a rage! I was starving and I needed something to eat. I snapped at the boyfriend and he suggested let’s just go to Hooters. Let me explain this place is not a usual place we typically go. We happen to have a $25 gift certificate there. T’s work Christmas party had that swapping gift giving party and that’s one gift we ended up with. I ended up with 2 Harry Potter Movies! Anyway… Here’s the boyfriend doesn’t he look excited?


I’m not going to lie as we were pulling up I said hey isn’t this kind of weird just the two of us? Hehe… o well. So there was no working out to P90X last night. We went to Lowe’s for some more art supplies for my Printmaking class and new toys for the boyfriend. I mentioned that I might need to get a Dremel for class and he immediately saw this as an excuse and bought it last night. BOYS! I still have to go to Wal-mart for an apron and gloves. Ugh!

2 more classes today. But they are starting at 2pm. I am all geared up to run on my tready, but I need motivation…. Ok I’m thinking of last night’s eats and I’m motivated. I did come home feeling a little ill from all the fried foods.


2nd Semester of Grad School!

I woke up this morning a little early so I can run on my tready, eat breakie, and go to class. No such luck I actually started putting away laundry and I had one shoe on when I decided I better skip the work-out this morning and get ready. I am constantly late and today proved it. I was supposed to leave the house earlier then I thought and I walked outside and saw that I needed to scrap my car! Yikes! So I left the house around 9:30ish… with a 30 min commute to a class that started at 10:10. Weird time huh? Good thing I made a breakfast cookie and prepared everything last night. After our short class my friend and I went to an art supply store and bought supplies. Dropped some coin on the counter and we decided we both should go home and grab something to eat there. Cheaper healthier choice. Our next class isn’t till 4 which means I will be leaving soon. Here is what we (boyfriend and me) did yesterday.

After a 2 mile run yesterday in the cold by myself the boyfriend joined me for a little training session with Jillian. I brought my 3 lbs weights when I went home during break and forgot them! Now I’m left with my one pounds. Boo! Boyfriend used 5 lbs.


Nice right? Who needs a gym membership? Nope I don’t have one. I’m too poor. After a shower and putting on some sweats. The boyfriend and I ran some errands. We needed a few things so we went to the store and stopped by the Korean store as well. We found some yummy finds to make dinner!


This is quick-made pho. This is a pho broth, noodles, my own creation of parsley, chives, Vietnamese sauce, and Vietnamese pork meatballs. Shortly I added some spinach on top for more of a veggie content. Then I had….


Asparagus! A little salt, pepper, and lemon juice was added. I boiled these along with the boyfriend’s carrots he put in his soup.

Then for dessert!


A chocolate vitamuffin with a spoonful of peppermint ice cream. Healthy and yummy right?

I better go and get ready for class. Yipeeeee! Hopefully it’s going to be a short one. The boyfriend and I have P903X (however you say it?) planned for tonight.


Last night I treated T to a sushi dinner. Ok, so he doesn’t particularly like seafood at all, but he felt pity on me because I haven’t had it in a very long time. Since moving to Columbia I just haven’t found anywhere that I’m impressed with. In Charleston there is this restaurant called Oriental Garden that was at the end of the interstate in Mt. Pleasant. It is absolutely my favorite sushi place ever. It’s a little hole in the wall, only locals know about place. It’s sooooo worth it if you are a true sushi fan. They serve large pieces for reasonable prices. I did bring some of my friends from college there and they didn’t appreciate it. It’s large pieces of raw fish and if you are use to the sushi that comes in rolls where it’s more rice then sushi you may not appreciate it. When I go home I am definitely going to go there (sad face)! When I lived there I would go there at least once a week. It was fabulous!


Here I am outside the restaurant. It’s at the end of building in the back corner so you can easily pass right by it. Then you go down stairs and I thought the place was very nice. They played tech music and the light was very dim. We came around 6 so T can watch the Cowboys game. It was a bit slow in the crowd department but it picked up once the larger crowds came. Then I ordered my naked roll and seaweed salad. The boyfriend ordered Satay beef and chicken. The boyfriend’s order took a little longer then we thought? Maybe because people usually order sushi they weren’t prepared. Our orders came out and the boyfriend’s meal was 2 pieces of chicken and 2 pieces of steak on sticks. WHAT?!? This is what we waited for? We were both puzzled? No rice for a side dish to wash down this meat, at the least?? I am assuming he ordered an appetizer? But even so to serve someone just steak and chicken? My sushi was as expected… not the freshest fish, little spicy, and imitation crab in the inside blahhhh… It was nice to try something different tho. Cute restaurant and probably more of a place to go to for drinks and appetizers. For T and I we are not fans and probably will not go there unless someone suggests it and we have to go.


Handsome boyfriend and our son.

After said dinner we stopped by McDonald’s for the boyfriend’s real dinner- the #10 (nuggets and fries). Half of his fries probably made it in my mouth :P. He ate while he watched the Cowboys win! The dinner was lacking for me so I ended up snacking while I watched Julie and Julia. Snacking which included hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff. Yum! The hot cocoa was organic from whole foods and the marshmallow fluff is just yummy!


The movie:

Ok so this movie was very cute! I loved it. I was kind of disappointed that Julia Childs didn’t want to meet her and hated her blog, but this was pre-everyone is a blogger. I decided I wanted to google Julie Powell to see what she has been up to lately. Uhmm… I’m a little disappointed in what I found. So Julie wrote a second book, Cleaved. She writes about the 2-year-affair she had after writing her book Julie and Julia, being a butcher’s assistant, and other weird stuff. Where did the sweet lady with the doting husband go? I felt like I was told a lie to after reading this. O well. The movie was cute and I love Julia Childs.

Today is my last day before school starts again. I overslept and immediately started writing my blog. I plan on running today, chillaxing, and finishing up the laundry. Laters!

The New Year!

Today is January 9, 2010. My second semester of grad-school will begin Monday! I feel like this whole winter break I accomplished nothing. I finished cleaning the house, celebrated our 1st Christmas in our home with family and friends,


celebrated a couple of days in Charleston for New Years,


and worked out a little bit (very little). This month went by quick. Being that I haven’t had time off for myself since graduating it was kind of refreshing. It made me evaluate how I let myself go this past semester. Yes I got a 4.0 GPA, but my eating and exercise regiman completely went to the way side. I gained weight and now I’m paying for it. I’ll get back to it. I created an inspiration board, inspired by Fitnessista. I loved the idea and created my own.

Here are my New Year Resolutions:

1. Become Healthier- This includes keeping a schedule for my work-outs, doing active activites outside, and eating more fruits and veggies.

2. Keep Track of my spending- Last semester I didn’t spend wisely. I didn’t keep track of my spending and now that I’m almost jobless I need to really pay attention. I am considering a part-time job but I haven’t decided.

3. Practice Yoga once a week- This clears my mind, builds my strength, and I feel overall better when I practice this.

4. Run a Half- Marathon in October with two of my buddies- This will tell me to really keep up with my running so I can build up to it!

5. Create my own ART- Since graduating college I haven’t really done my own art. Let me tell you it’s not like riding a bike. You get rusty and you really need to practice. The inspiration board was my first step 🙂

I think all of these are simple reachable goals! I know I need to work on these things everyday so I will be mindful of everything I do! Here’s to 2010!!!

Here’s my Inspiration board. I cut imagines and phrases from magazines and glued them on to a piece of cardboard. I also put a glue substance over the top which gave it the shiny wrinkly effect. I’m going to hang this in my area so I see it everyday!