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Last night I treated T to a sushi dinner. Ok, so he doesn’t particularly like seafood at all, but he felt pity on me because I haven’t had it in a very long time. Since moving to Columbia I just haven’t found anywhere that I’m impressed with. In Charleston there is this restaurant called Oriental Garden that was at the end of the interstate in Mt. Pleasant. It is absolutely my favorite sushi place ever. It’s a little hole in the wall, only locals know about place. It’s sooooo worth it if you are a true sushi fan. They serve large pieces for reasonable prices. I did bring some of my friends from college there and they didn’t appreciate it. It’s large pieces of raw fish and if you are use to the sushi that comes in rolls where it’s more rice then sushi you may not appreciate it. When I go home I am definitely going to go there (sad face)! When I lived there I would go there at least once a week. It was fabulous!


Here I am outside the restaurant. It’s at the end of building in the back corner so you can easily pass right by it. Then you go down stairs and I thought the place was very nice. They played tech music and the light was very dim. We came around 6 so T can watch the Cowboys game. It was a bit slow in the crowd department but it picked up once the larger crowds came. Then I ordered my naked roll and seaweed salad. The boyfriend ordered Satay beef and chicken. The boyfriend’s order took a little longer then we thought? Maybe because people usually order sushi they weren’t prepared. Our orders came out and the boyfriend’s meal was 2 pieces of chicken and 2 pieces of steak on sticks. WHAT?!? This is what we waited for? We were both puzzled? No rice for a side dish to wash down this meat, at the least?? I am assuming he ordered an appetizer? But even so to serve someone just steak and chicken? My sushi was as expected… not the freshest fish, little spicy, and imitation crab in the inside blahhhh… It was nice to try something different tho. Cute restaurant and probably more of a place to go to for drinks and appetizers. For T and I we are not fans and probably will not go there unless someone suggests it and we have to go.


Handsome boyfriend and our son.

After said dinner we stopped by McDonald’s for the boyfriend’s real dinner- the #10 (nuggets and fries). Half of his fries probably made it in my mouth :P. He ate while he watched the Cowboys win! The dinner was lacking for me so I ended up snacking while I watched Julie and Julia. Snacking which included hot cocoa with marshmallow fluff. Yum! The hot cocoa was organic from whole foods and the marshmallow fluff is just yummy!


The movie:

Ok so this movie was very cute! I loved it. I was kind of disappointed that Julia Childs didn’t want to meet her and hated her blog, but this was pre-everyone is a blogger. I decided I wanted to google Julie Powell to see what she has been up to lately. Uhmm… I’m a little disappointed in what I found. So Julie wrote a second book, Cleaved. She writes about the 2-year-affair she had after writing her book Julie and Julia, being a butcher’s assistant, and other weird stuff. Where did the sweet lady with the doting husband go? I felt like I was told a lie to after reading this. O well. The movie was cute and I love Julia Childs.

Today is my last day before school starts again. I overslept and immediately started writing my blog. I plan on running today, chillaxing, and finishing up the laundry. Laters!


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