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2nd Semester of Grad School!

I woke up this morning a little early so I can run on my tready, eat breakie, and go to class. No such luck I actually started putting away laundry and I had one shoe on when I decided I better skip the work-out this morning and get ready. I am constantly late and today proved it. I was supposed to leave the house earlier then I thought and I walked outside and saw that I needed to scrap my car! Yikes! So I left the house around 9:30ish… with a 30 min commute to a class that started at 10:10. Weird time huh? Good thing I made a breakfast cookie and prepared everything last night. After our short class my friend and I went to an art supply store and bought supplies. Dropped some coin on the counter and we decided we both should go home and grab something to eat there. Cheaper healthier choice. Our next class isn’t till 4 which means I will be leaving soon. Here is what we (boyfriend and me) did yesterday.

After a 2 mile run yesterday in the cold by myself the boyfriend joined me for a little training session with Jillian. I brought my 3 lbs weights when I went home during break and forgot them! Now I’m left with my one pounds. Boo! Boyfriend used 5 lbs.


Nice right? Who needs a gym membership? Nope I don’t have one. I’m too poor. After a shower and putting on some sweats. The boyfriend and I ran some errands. We needed a few things so we went to the store and stopped by the Korean store as well. We found some yummy finds to make dinner!


This is quick-made pho. This is a pho broth, noodles, my own creation of parsley, chives, Vietnamese sauce, and Vietnamese pork meatballs. Shortly I added some spinach on top for more of a veggie content. Then I had….


Asparagus! A little salt, pepper, and lemon juice was added. I boiled these along with the boyfriend’s carrots he put in his soup.

Then for dessert!


A chocolate vitamuffin with a spoonful of peppermint ice cream. Healthy and yummy right?

I better go and get ready for class. Yipeeeee! Hopefully it’s going to be a short one. The boyfriend and I have P903X (however you say it?) planned for tonight.


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