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I haven’t been making the best food choices. Which explains where the extra pounds are coming from. Ok, so I came home yesterday in a rage! I was starving and I needed something to eat. I snapped at the boyfriend and he suggested let’s just go to Hooters. Let me explain this place is not a usual place we typically go. We happen to have a $25 gift certificate there. T’s work Christmas party had that swapping gift giving party and that’s one gift we ended up with. I ended up with 2 Harry Potter Movies! Anyway… Here’s the boyfriend doesn’t he look excited?


I’m not going to lie as we were pulling up I said hey isn’t this kind of weird just the two of us? Hehe… o well. So there was no working out to P90X last night. We went to Lowe’s for some more art supplies for my Printmaking class and new toys for the boyfriend. I mentioned that I might need to get a Dremel for class and he immediately saw this as an excuse and bought it last night. BOYS! I still have to go to Wal-mart for an apron and gloves. Ugh!

2 more classes today. But they are starting at 2pm. I am all geared up to run on my tready, but I need motivation…. Ok I’m thinking of last night’s eats and I’m motivated. I did come home feeling a little ill from all the fried foods.



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