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New Day!

So yesterday I noticed my camera started shaking. I have a cute pink Sony touch-screen camera. It’s only about 2/3 years old. I love it I got it either two or three years ago for my bday. I was pissed! The boyfriend looked it up online and it’s going to cost $111 to get it fixed when we mail it in because the warranty is out. With that kind of dough might has well buy a new one. Shesh! We saw that it’s also a typical problem that many people complain about. Urgh!!- Rant ended.

So yesterday I ran on the tready…. Here’s my tready!


It’s in the corner of our bedroom. When I run on it I like the tv on and the windows wide open. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m lucky to have one since I don’t have a membership to a gym, but I can go to the one on campus. Too bad it’s 30 minutes away. Anywho… I ran on this before class for 20 min and the day before 45 min. I do a run/walk when I’m on the tready. I’ll soon be running the whole time. Yesterday when the boyfriend came home we also did P90X. I did a slightly easier version of all the moves but it was still a sweat breaker- 16 min Abs and 1hr cardio.

Yesterday was a big day! A Chipotle opened up here in Columbia!!! They were giving away free burritos so of course after class I had to get one. I did have to stand in line for 20 minutes but it was well worth it. I love burritos!!


Mine was so big the foil didn’t go over it!


I had half for lunch and half for dinner. For dinner I added extra salsa and Texas Pete. I love that combo! I’m thinking about that combo again for lunch.

Today I have one class which should be a fun one. It’s Elementary Art Education, we are going to do texture drawings- Excited! Before that I have laundry and 20 min of yoga I plan to do.



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