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I hope everyone that has today off is enjoying the sunshine :). I was out there a little bit running an errand. I do have full intentions on heading to yoga at 4:45 with Amy so I’m waiting on a run till after. Let’s remember Martin Luther King and what he has done for us. He was one of a kind!

Friday was Chip’s Bday! I got him a Birthday cake! He enjoyed the icing of the cookie and pieces of the cake. He loves being a 4-year-old.


Here he is modeling his new harness.


Anywho… Friday T and I also headed to Dianne’s on Devine. Here’s the website It’s a pretty expensive restaurant and the only reason we were able to go is that it was Restaurant week here in Columbia, SC. We enjoyed a four course meal with a free class of wine. Here’s my review.

From a menu of choices:

Warm rolls were served and I ate one with butter. There were light and melted in my mouth.

1st course: Mushrooms stuffed with a seafood stuffing and topped with Mozzarella. Amazing! There were bits of shrimp and I squeezed the lemon wedge that was served with it on top. This gave the mushrooms a tang.

2nd course: Caesar Salad- It was not the best tasting Caesar I’ve ever had. T thought the same thing. There were larger pieces of cheese found in the salad but the salad dressing was lacking in flavor. I tasted this course but waited on my entree.

3rd course: Chicken Saltimbocca- This comes with raisins and I asked them to leave them out. The chicken was tender and well seasoned. The spinach served with it was absolutely amazing! I loved the taste of garlic that came across. The pasta served with it was alright and I took bites but I really focused on the chicken and the spinach. I still have maybe a little less then half of the serving in my fridge.

4th course: Tiramisu! I ate my whole serving. The whip cream was light and refreshing and the coffee taste wasn’t overwhelming like it can be. The lady fingers at the bottom were sparse but it was enough of a taste.

We were seated near the front of the restaurant right underneath a ceiling fan. The waiters and waitresses had to keep lighting our candle. One waiter actually hit our table while serving his table. There were many large groups when we came so tables were not really available. This was alright because the whole dinner experience was lovely! The boyfriend and I loved the restaurant and would come back once I get a regular job again :).

It’s been a crazy weekend so far. We’ve been doing home projects, having people over to our home, shopping for our house, school, and whatever! So it’s nice to whine down. I’m headed to yoga class with my friend Amy so I’ll catch you later!


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  1. * Kim says:

    You guys need to go to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Restaurant Week! The best steak ever. Sounds like Dianne’s was pretty good!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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