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Early Day

Good Morning all! The boyfriend and I woke up early for a Sat. so we can drop off his car to get the brakes repaired. Instead of going back to sleep I decided that I should go to Starbucks and get an Awake Tea Latte. Oye! Of course, I looked horrible so I went through the drive-through. I asked for Soy milk instead of regular and I think I got regular. See… I’m sort of lactose. Sometimes depending on my body’s mood dairy affects it quickly. Let’s just say today it affected it quickly! I even asked her if she heard me and she said yes. If only they knew!

Anyhow… I made this biscuit for breakfast when we came back home.


Alexia all natural biscuit, morning star sausage, and and a slice of cheese. Yum!


While drinking my tainted Awake tea latte I was on the computer. It spilled in the car so I put the drink in another cup. I seriously have been working non-stop this week for school. I was volun-TOLD to work on a project at school, and I volunteered for another project that will keep me after school helping kids on Wednesday afternoons. I love it and I will get great experience but it’s going to be crazy busy this semester. It’s only week 2 and I’ve been on campus everyday for more than 8 hours. Here’s are some of my eats this week.


This was eaten during lunch on Tuesday. This was a lunch of leftovers that kept me full till 7:30pm when I got home that day. Left over acorn squash with texas pete and catsup, sausage, and rice with soy sauce.


This soup is a recipe from Rachel Ray’s magazine. It contains chicken broth, black beans, broccoli rabe, onions, and sausage. Just all mixed together. It’s very filling and I had it for dinner on Monday night and leftovers on Tuesday night after my late class. That’s going to be a key this semester- LEFTOVERS!


This was yummy oatmeal with banana mixed in while it was on the stove, brown sugar on top and a spoonful of almond butter. This breakfast held me over until lunch yesterday. Even though it was Friday I was in school till 5. Ugh!


Half of this yummy dessert from a local greek restaurant was a treat after dinner last night along with tea. The other half is going to be consumed tonight or after lunch, whichever.

Lots to do this weekend. I want to start and finish a paper for one of my classes today so I can start the readings for another class tomorrow. I also have plans to hang out with the girls tonight and I have a yoga appt. at 12 with a friend. Not to mention I have to drop off the boyfriend to pick up his car! Let’s hope I catch up with everything today.

*Hugs* I’ll see you soon.


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  1. * Kim says:

    Cool blog! It’s gonna make me hungry haha..That really sucks about Starbucks messing up your tea, they should’ve fixed it if you told them at the window. I’m gonna claim THE WORST DRIVE THRU ORDERER..I always mess up something hehe…Good luck…looks like you are super occupied! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago
  2. Your oatmeal looks so good and melty! I need to make oatmeal on the stove soon!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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