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Boy/ Girl Day

I think every couple needs to have a day without each other once in awhile. T and I spend yesterday basically apart. After I dropped him off to pick up his car I went to yoga. After class my friend and I met up with another friend and we had lunch at Zoe’s. So the plan was to watch a movie but then someone suggested shopping. Being three girls we decided that was the better idea. So we headed to the mall. I ended up not getting home till 8 something. Yes it was a long day to say the least. I wasn’t hungry till 9, because of our late lunch. Here’s what I came up with.


I wanted something simple so eggs in a basket it was with oranges. It satisfied me :). The boyfriend on the other hand hung out with a friend at home, meet other guys at Carraba’s then went to watch Book of Eli. I asked him if I’d like it and he said he wasn’t sure. I’ll wait for that to come out on DVD. hehe… Around 10 he finally came home when I was “trying” to read for class but I quickly pushed that aside so I can chat with him. I missed his face. So today is going to be school work day since yesterday I had fun day.

I’m so excited about this purchase yesterday. The black and gold pillows were only $4.99 at Ross yesterday! I feel so thrifty!!


This is the breakfast I was eating while blogging.


The book is there to get me motivated! This is an Alexia Biscuit again thawed and toasted in the toaster oven covered with organic butter and raspberry jam. Then I have a side of mango with a little bit of a weird savory filipino sauce. Something I grew up with and reminds me of my dad when I eat it. Then tea because I’m cold. Isn’t my tea bag holder cute?

Till next time blog world! I have to finish my breakfast and read while the boyfriend tries to play his video game on our big tv. What’s up with that?


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  1. * Brittany says:

    I love having breakfast for dinner! We call eggs in a basket, egg in the holes. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I look forward to reading more of yours!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
    • * coconutjo says:

      Thank you for reading!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Thanh says:

    Those oranges looked good…lol

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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