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My title explains it. Today has been go go go. First thing’s first. Last night wasn’t very healthy. We went to Red Robin’s because I was reading all day and I decided to go grocery shopping. It’s not smart to go grocery shopping while hungry and Red Robin was there so there we ate. Did you know you can change any burger to veggie or boca? That’s what I did Cheese veggie burger on a whole wheat bun. Yum! Today…

This morning was something different. Whole wheat banana muffin and grapefruit. I ended up eating only half of the grapefruit. The muffin was filling! I didn’t expect it to be.


It’s a new find for me yesterday at Super Bi-Lo.


I came home after my morning class and thought I was dying. Seriously! Maybe it’s the weather? After a quick 30 min nap with Chip I settled on soup. Yes Ramen- So Bad! Again it’s what my dad made me when I was sick when I was little. Along with mineral water to help settle the tummy. I had a bed of spinach at the bottom of the soup for some veggie in my meal.


I didn’t come home after my night class till 7 something and I’ve previously asked the boyfriend to help with meals these two nights. I usually coordinate meals and frozen pizza was a no for him tonight.  So he got take-out from a Vietnamese restaurant.


He got one rice meal and a Vermicelli noodle meal. We combined the two meals and served it family style. My plate is the one with all the veggies on it. We watched it along with some Myth Busters.


Here is my meal with a little bit of everything and the sauce they serve with it drizzled on top. Yum!

Ok… It’s late and I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is my first time observing a class :). I’m so excited!!


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