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Hello all! I am such a bad blogger. It’s been almost a week since my last post. Since this semester has just begun it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed. It’s hard to get back into school mode. After this week I think I can step back and realize that I need to set aside 20 to 30 min each day to exercise. Then I’ll feel a lot better after my week is done. After last week I just felt awful. Improvements needed.

Friday I was stressed from staying after school to work on a project and when I realized that I wasn’t going to be done that night I was very upset. I had a yoga date with my buddy Amy and we stretched out my stress. After coming home my back was tense and I just vegg’ed on the couch watching trash on TV. The next morning I got up early hit the studio and finished my project :). The lab monitor was a lot more understanding then the one the previous night. I was excited and ready to head to Charleston. I tried to go home Friday night to visit my parents and friends but I adjusted to leaving on Saturday. Luckily we were still able to go to the Annual Boone Hall Oyster Roast on Sunday! Yum!! Here are my eats….


Side note: I had my first art casualty. I cut my thumb pretty bad and it’s been in band-aids for the week. I only have 9 working fingers.


I make my breakfasts the night before my morning classes in a to-go container just in case I’m super late. This day I made banana oats with brown sugar on top. I micro-waved it the next day it was delish!! I don’t know why it turned out soupy?


I also pack a lunch bag with snacks on Wednesdays because I volunteer for an after school program. Here is my packed lunch. I ate the wrap and the mini moon pie. This was the day I cut my finger so I wasn’t in the mood for much after all that blood (see above explanation). Sorry to be graphic.


The boyfriend helped me so much last week with dinners. Here is his signature dish- fried rice with egg, chinese sausage, but no veggie. So I decided to top it with spinach, hot sauce, and a little soy sauce. I put this all in the microwave to wilt the spinach. So good!


I packed these snacks for the week. The first bag are nuts with chocolate covered espresso beans. SO GOOD! The second bag is an organic cereal. Still in the bag. I need to eat that a.s.a.p. I hate being wasteful.


While watching Wall-E and before we headed to Chuck Town I had this veggie bread from Fresh Market. I decided against this apple and had a chocolate chip cookie instead. The apple was mushy.


Finally after a dreadful rainy Saturday. Sunday was sunny yet muddy. I had on my handy rain boots from Target!! We finally made it to the Oyster Roast at the Boone Hall Plantation. Yummy delicious oysters!! All mine!!!  THANK YOU BOYFRIEND FOR SHUCKING SOME OYSTERS BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE 9 WORKING FINGERS!


Just look at the size of this one!


Action shot! That’s how they cooked the oysters 🙂


Don’t you love the scenery?


Last night I waited in line for a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle on our way back home and I was disappointed. I had to use the restroom so why not in a delicious place where I can eat? I don’t know something was off? Maybe their burritos are just better?


Today’s Lunch- Ham, harvarti cheese, avocado, with mayo on wheat lightly grilled with melon. I had multi-grain chips on the side with two different dippers- one cheese and one salsa.


My boyfriend has been great and getting food to go some nights when he doesn’t feel like making fried rice. Tonight on his way home he picked up tonight’s dinner. A local place called Mr. Teriyaki- sweet rice, egg, and beef. Along with a nice refreshment in our NE Huskers mug! Boyfriend’s home town!!

Ok hopefully I’ve entertained you. Until next time my friends..


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