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Rain Rain go away!

Today was one of those days where I was present but my mind was wishing I was asleep. I went to class un-showered with my hair pulled back. It was raining so hard and it was so cold this morning it really kept me from waking up. After class I proceeded to my car and picked up our jackets from the dry-cleaners. It’s been there since Tuesday! I also tried out my new ski jacket and it works perfectly! I didn’t feel any wind. I bet when I layer it with clothing it will be great to ski in.

I came home, ate leftovers, watched some shows on my DVR, and I took a very long nap. It was fabulous. I’ve had such a crazy schedule that I just needed rest. Not to mention I’ve been suffering a little insomnia. I guess I have to much on my mind that I haven’t been able to sleep before midnight. That’s usually not the case with me. I usually hit the pillow and sleep like a baby. A huge factor could also be that I’m not running or really working out anymore. I have a 5k and a 10k coming up in March and I don’t have time to train. I may have to wake up earlier then I’ve been doing (very hard task for me) and make it a priority to run at least 3 or 2 times during the week. I was able to put in some walking time this week on the tready. I think this may even help me sleep earlier at night. I’ll test it out and see how my body responds.

I hate when salons are so busy you have to book an appointment way ahead of time. Tomorrow I set one up for 10am. So early!! They said it was the only time they had available. Here’s what I was thinking.


I love J-Lo. Long side bangs with slight layers at the bottom. I think my hair is longer then hers so of course I don’t want more chopped off. I’m trying to grow my “Bella” hair back! But I don’t know how much of this haircut is how it’s styled. She’s also probably wearing a wig.


I saw this breakfast on the Today show and realized I haven’t had it in awhile so that’s what I planned for this morning’s breakfast. Al Roker was in the White House kitchen and the assistant chef had these kids making this as a healthy to go meal. I’ve been doing this for years! It’s so funny to see someone else say it’s healthy. If you didn’t know Ms. Obama has a mission to fight obesity in children. She’s so great!!

These are two flax blueberry waffles with blueberry preserves and chunky peanut butter. Honestly, this was really good but I missed my oats because it did not hold me over! I was SOOOOO hungry on the way home. I ate leftover spaghetti, melon and chips for lunch.  Not good when I get hungry. Blah… not too photogenic either. Trust me you didn’t miss the picture.

Dinner was pizza hut. Veggie pizza. Not to creative.


On the plus side. Look at this wonderful vase I got at a gallery yesterday. A classmate and I went to this exhibition of children’s art and there was a gallery in the same building. We stopped in and the owner of the gallery actually took the time to share stories about the building and some of her art. We both thought since she was so nice we’d make an effort to buy something. I actually fell in love with this vase and it wasn’t expensive at all. It kinda of mimics the patterns in the pillows I bought recently. The boyfriend even really liked it. She said she bought this at an art market in Atlanta. So fun and unique to me. I don’t think I will ever really put flowers in it. I like it the way it is.

Anyhow! The Circus is tomorrow and then Superbowl SUNDAY!!! Colts vs. the Saints- Kendra Wilkinson vs. Kim Kardashians. haha…. Have a great weekend everyone!


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