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Hey there blog world!

So today I slept in a little and watched the boyfriend leave this morning. He’s teaching classes on swing-shift this week so we get a little day time together. After he left I ran on my tready. Part of my new year’s resolution is to create a schedule where I planned all the races I wanted to do. I have two races in March that I really want to participate in! St. Pat’s 5K and the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k in Charleston. So I looked up a training schedule online and I put it on my calendar next to the tready.


I’ve already done Day 2. By all means I am not a fast or good racer. I just like doing them because I get a free shirt and the energy in a race is amazing!

Let’s back up a little and talk about last night’s dinner. I came home before the boyfriend so I decided to cook dinner. While running on the treadmill last night I stopped every so often to check the food. We ate family style.


Rice, corn, tocino (Filipino meat), and duck. The boyfriend’s mother made duck while we visited at home so I thought I’d make him some tonight. It’s a frozen kind where I just cooked it in the oven. This meal is so Asian. I was missing something green, but after all that cooking and running I was just lazy. During our meals together the boyfriend and I gab about his work, my school, and things we plan to do for the rest of the week. I enjoy moments like this.


This is my portion with little bits more of duck and corn. It’s so much fun to eat family style. You can start off small and eat more of what you really want. We always tend to have leftovers for the next day too! Bonus!!

Well…. I have 2 classes back to back today and probably won’t be back till 8 tonight. We are probably going to order something to be quick. Hope you have a great one!


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