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Almost the weekend :)

Hello again my friends,

Yesterday was a great day. Well almost… besides some drama on a friend’s behalf I was able to go grocery shopping for the first time in a long time. I just stopped by an Earthfare that was close to the school I volunteer at. I use to live in this area so I was able to go here more often. I really stopped in for fruit… organic fuji apples to be exact and ended up with this…..


Funny thing is I wasn’t hungry I was just excited since I haven’t gone here in a while. I may also have been thirsty. I bought 5 drinks. Anyhow… I’m very excited about everything. The organic grapefruit was on sale (4 for $5) so I jumped on that! So sweet and juicy and I found my bag of little organic fuji apples. My absolute favorite apple!


I had this salad for dinner. Less then half of this. It was huge- family style. Expect this to be eaten for dinner tonight again. There may have been leftover cake consumed as well. Yum!


I’m excited to have this in my oatmeal and finding other ways to have this in my diet. Any suggestions? Do you have to refrigerate this?


I bought this to try as a moisturizer. I read this is the most natural thing to have on your skin. Works REALLY well actually. I tried it last night.


My hand already seems so dry in this picture. Honestly, I have the driest, most sensitive skin you’ve ever seen but this did not irritate me at all! It’s not liquid-like, but a hard form until you warm it with your hand. Interesting.

The boyfriend left to go to work and buy new shoes. He really needs it since he’s been running for work now. He hasn’t bought any in a very longggg time. But since he’s gone I’m able to do some homework and really get going on things I need to do. He is such a distraction!! I’m all geared up in my running entire as I type this and plan on going for 30 min. like my training schedule says.

I’m lucky I have time to pack, do homework, and run today because my classes were cancelled today :).

I’m excited cause this weekend is Valentine’s weekend! Yipeeeeee! So all work needs to be done today. The boyfriend and I are going to a “ski day” with friends in NC on Sat- tubing may be involved as well. I’ll post pictures of my outfit in my next post.

Enjoy your Valentine’s and yes before I met my boyfriend I celebrated – Anti-Valentine’s Day. So if you are celebrating that go out and enjoy that too!

Talk to you laters my friends!


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