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Back to the Real World

Last weekend the boyfriend and I went skiing.

As promised here is my outfit.


First Layer- Nike workout shirt (thermal inside), ski pants (with workout pants below and thermals), kid size ski socks, gloves, and my hat!


My kid size fleece and New Ski jacket 🙂


Here’s me in action. Yep after my first time on the bunny slope. This is after I crashed and rolled around the snow awhile. My first time skiing 😛

Since then it’s been crazy. Not to mention it actually snowed here in South Carolina last weekend. It’s weird that last week it was snowing and then this weekend it’s sunny. Everyone was wearing flip-flops! That’s South Carolina weather for you.

We ended up at this random BBQ place after skiing and found this sign above us.


It made me laugh!

This week has been a blur of action. Lots of me moving through the motions and trying to find my way to the weekend.


I assembled this lasagna on Tuesday and left instructions for the boyfriend to finish cooking it. I come home after 8 on Tuesdays so I wanted him to be able to eat a home cooked meal. We nibbled it throughout the rest of the week.


These are the notes and yes I did spell lasagna wrong!

I’m Catholic and as you may know or not, it’s Lent. I’ve decided to eliminate all meat and seafood on Fridays. I did not have a chance to go grocery shopping all week and so we were completely out of food. So last Friday I went to Moe’s to get a homewrecker burrito with tofu! So good!! I haven’t really concentrated on eating vegetarian in awhile so it will be interesting. I tried to go veggie awhile ago but found my body needed meat when I ran a lot and of course LIFE was hard to keep track of.


So that’s a little of my week. So in reflection I have been eating out a lot. I could order healthier meals. So I need to work on that. I’ve missed two days of my training schedule because of skiing and the soreness of skiing the next day. I’ve keep up with my running schedule the rest of the time- GO ME! I’m worried that I won’t be in the right shape and I’ll mess up my knees like I did for the 5-miler I did in October. I won’t let it bring me down and I’ll continue!

On to the week. School, work, and life…. Good News is that the house is clean. I’ve also started the laundry that needs cleaning, and there was a sale at Old Navy this weekend on jeans so I got two new pairs!! Yipeeeeee!

Have a good week my friends 🙂


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