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I’m Back!

I’ve missed the blog world and I’m sad I’ve been away for so long. I knew that it would be hard for me to start a blog last semester seeing that I was taking more classes and I was volunteering. I had to stop or be clinically insane within the next couple of weeks. Let’s reflect…. So school has always been first and that includes how I eat. I gained at least 5 lb. since I started graduate school last fall. I’m exactly 5’0“ tall so it really shows. I try to keep up with my work-outs and I ”try“ to manage my diet. Let’s just say I haven’t done very well.

I know you are thinking well the semester’s over but my dears I’ve decided to go all the way through my summer with more school. Yep! I’m trying to get done as efficiently and quickly as possible so the boyfriend and I can really start our life together. But it’s summer so I try to get all my stuff done during the week and have the weekends to play. Summer session 1 is almost over which means I have my final exam tomorrow and then we’re on a 4th of July weekend! Yipeeeee!!! Here’s what I have been doing besides school…


Saying good-bye to friends….


Holding babies….


Spending time on the lake…


Spending time in Charleston with my family…


And recently having a little relaxation time in Myrtle Beach.

Yes it’s busy and worth it. I love my life! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for me. Now I don’t promise to blog everyday, but I will blog when I have something to say.  I’ll see you soon and with some food stuff involved next time. hehe…