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Why Hello!

Hello everyone… As I post this I should be reading and responding for my class… But you know… I’m debating on going to the store buying ink, bananas and a blender. Yep that’s what I said.

Ok… This weekend was slow and easy… My friend and I went on an adventure to this place.


Very nice bar which was small but quite nice. Lots of people were making me nervous because they were standing over the clear wall to see over the
building. Why is this amusing? P.S. Did I mention I am a tab bit scared of heights?


We split this… Which was good, but not the best chocolate cake ever.

The rest of the weekend included the following:

House cleaning
Holding Babies
Dinner out with the baby
Trying out a church
And… lots of TV watching.

I did run 3 miles on the Tready Sat. and then spent an hour yesterday with the elliptical machine. I feel a little sore today (I’m a wimp apparently)… I’m probably going to make today a rest day so I can run tomorrow :).

I can’t wait till the weekend!


I’m hoping this will be involved.



Back from Holiday

The boyfriend, my parents and I went to Virginia Beach this weekend. It was great to see family and friends. I got to meet my nephew, Riley, for the first time and I was the over-zealous Auntie taking many many pictures :). Which I promptly posted on facebook. ha! Ok… well there was a lot of eating going on and unfortunately not many pictures… Except a Slurpee from Seven-Eleven- which isn’t blog worthy.


Here’s a picture of the fireworks show we saw on Mt. Trashmore. It was great! My nephew enjoyed it and wasn’t scared at all!

I found out that my next summer class doesn’t start till next Tuesday which means I can start to clean up my eating habits. I cleaned the house really good before we went on our weekend get away so now I just need to clean the fridge and start working out regularly.

Today’s plan include but are not limited to:

Running 2 or 3 mi on the Tready (to hot for an outside run)
Giving the dog a bath
Grocery shopping
Reading some non-related school material

Exciting day 🙂

I leave you with food I’ve been loving lately…


Feta is betta because it doesn’t hurt me as much as other dairy foods do 🙂
This is a frozen Amy’s tofu scramble with hashbrowns (LOVE LOVE)


Watermelon- I can eat a whole one in a week by myself!!!


Fresh veggies in a nice cool salad… yummm…

I better get going on doing something!