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Back from Holiday

The boyfriend, my parents and I went to Virginia Beach this weekend. It was great to see family and friends. I got to meet my nephew, Riley, for the first time and I was the over-zealous Auntie taking many many pictures :). Which I promptly posted on facebook. ha! Ok… well there was a lot of eating going on and unfortunately not many pictures… Except a Slurpee from Seven-Eleven- which isn’t blog worthy.


Here’s a picture of the fireworks show we saw on Mt. Trashmore. It was great! My nephew enjoyed it and wasn’t scared at all!

I found out that my next summer class doesn’t start till next Tuesday which means I can start to clean up my eating habits. I cleaned the house really good before we went on our weekend get away so now I just need to clean the fridge and start working out regularly.

Today’s plan include but are not limited to:

Running 2 or 3 mi on the Tready (to hot for an outside run)
Giving the dog a bath
Grocery shopping
Reading some non-related school material

Exciting day 🙂

I leave you with food I’ve been loving lately…


Feta is betta because it doesn’t hurt me as much as other dairy foods do 🙂
This is a frozen Amy’s tofu scramble with hashbrowns (LOVE LOVE)


Watermelon- I can eat a whole one in a week by myself!!!


Fresh veggies in a nice cool salad… yummm…

I better get going on doing something!



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