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Six Miles

Yesterday I decided since I have not been following my half-marathon training schedule that I was going to do the 6 miles I intended to do last weekend. I set everything up the night before. I put water in my camel-pak, found my trusty garmin, and headed out the door yesterday. I decided to run on a path near my gym and I was pleasantly surprised by the area :). Yes I knew that this was the more affluent side of town but I didn’t even know this existed in Columbia, SC.

As I ran I took out my Crackberry and took pictures. I saw…


A very nice dog park for the neighborhood.


(Inside the dog park! Cute right?)


Water Fountain


Mini Lake


A nice view while running


( Me Cheesin’)


A house we will buy one day.


A Town Center


And the Time I finished… I know it’s slow, but have you ever ran in Columbia, SC weather? I decided not to be a wimp yesterday but as the time flew by it got hotter and hotter. I tried my best and that’s what matters. This time also included a bathroom break and walks. I’m glad that I ran and today I don’t feel that bad. The bottom of my feet aren’t happy but that’s all.

Thanks 6 miles! I haven’t completed you since my last 10k. This weekend I plan to increase this by one mile, which makes it 7 miles! This will be the farthest I’ve ever done.



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