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So much to do and so little time…


7 Miles!

Yesterday I completed the longest mileage yet- 7 miles! I went on the same trail as Monday and I finished with a slightly faster time. Yah me! I know it’s still slow but I’m not about to kill myself after not really being so good last week. Not to mention starting the first two weeks training on the treadmill. It doesn’t prepare you for the humidity and the conditions of outside. Towards the middle was my strongest. I started off very slow and towards the last mile I felt like I had no more in me, but I pushed through slowly and made it! I even threw up my arms in glee. People driving by probably thought I was insane, but I was extremely happy. I can’t wait for next week’s 8 miles!!

After my run I made lunch and showered of course. Then I iced my knees and my ankles because I felt like they were bothering me. Today I just feel tired and a little achy but it could be a lot worst. I did enjoy a trip to the mall and Dicks so I know I’m fine! The only downfall today is the need to procrastinate when it comes to my homework. Luckily I don’t start class till 2 tomorrow, but I was planning on running tomorrow. Uhmm….. I may have a late start tonight to get some work done.


Here’s my time! I really need to clean off my Garmin. Sorry for the grossness. I finished the first 6 miles a whole 9 minutes faster then Monday!!

I’m so glad that I’m sticking with this and not giving up. It’s not in me to give up!! So I’m pushing through even though I feel like I’m behind. I’m just going to keep going and that’s all that matters to me. I want to finish this race strong 🙂 and not with the fastest time.

Well I’m off!! I’ll see you when I see you!!