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That’s me celebrating the New Year- 2010!  My name is Joane. I’m 25, and I live with my boyfriend of 4 years and our son Chip, our chihuahua.  We currently reside in Columbia, SC.  I am currently going to grad-school for my M.A.T. in Art Education.

Growing up I was never into sports.  I was an artist and I would rather be inside painting my nails or gluing Popsicle sticks together.  I grew up in an Asian household where being healthy means something different.  My mom use to beg me to go play outside with the other children.  After awhile I did go outside and play and I began to be active.  During high school I was in the marching band.  Our band-camp was like boot-camp which included running together in tempo.  This kept me in shape for the next 4 years.  Then in college I gained the freshman 10.  I think it’s called 15, but I gained about 10.  I was still rather small, but my junior year I decided to start running and working out constantly.  So I lost that weight and became very skinny.   I was still eating unhealthy food and continued because I could.  After graduation I moved home and started working a desk job.  Soon my military ID expired and there was no time for gym workouts anymore.  I couldn’t afford to buy a gym membership.  I went up 2 pant sizes!!  I’m only 5’0 so a little goes a long way.  Then I moved from my hometown and moved in with my boyfriend of 3 years (I call him T).  He was the one that bought to my attention that I ate horribly.  Usually it’s the girl that worries about the boy, but in this case he was right.  I ate lunch out every day and made poor decisions. I ate bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a diet coke every day.  I started to feel tired all the time and really out of shape.  One day at work I decided to start reading  While I was on that site I found  It was the inspiration that I needed!  She made being healthy so easy.  From her site I found other foodie sites.  After a couple months of on again off again change of lifestyle, I decided that I wanted to start my own blog.  This will keep me accountable for my everyday choices.  I’m trying to change my lifestyle and reach my goals.  But then again no one’s perfect so expect me to slip up!!



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