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So much to do and so little time…


7 Miles!

Yesterday I completed the longest mileage yet- 7 miles! I went on the same trail as Monday and I finished with a slightly faster time. Yah me! I know it’s still slow but I’m not about to kill myself after not really being so good last week. Not to mention starting the first two weeks training on the treadmill. It doesn’t prepare you for the humidity and the conditions of outside. Towards the middle was my strongest. I started off very slow and towards the last mile I felt like I had no more in me, but I pushed through slowly and made it! I even threw up my arms in glee. People driving by probably thought I was insane, but I was extremely happy. I can’t wait for next week’s 8 miles!!

After my run I made lunch and showered of course. Then I iced my knees and my ankles because I felt like they were bothering me. Today I just feel tired and a little achy but it could be a lot worst. I did enjoy a trip to the mall and Dicks so I know I’m fine! The only downfall today is the need to procrastinate when it comes to my homework. Luckily I don’t start class till 2 tomorrow, but I was planning on running tomorrow. Uhmm….. I may have a late start tonight to get some work done.


Here’s my time! I really need to clean off my Garmin. Sorry for the grossness. I finished the first 6 miles a whole 9 minutes faster then Monday!!

I’m so glad that I’m sticking with this and not giving up. It’s not in me to give up!! So I’m pushing through even though I feel like I’m behind. I’m just going to keep going and that’s all that matters to me. I want to finish this race strong 🙂 and not with the fastest time.

Well I’m off!! I’ll see you when I see you!!


Six Miles

Yesterday I decided since I have not been following my half-marathon training schedule that I was going to do the 6 miles I intended to do last weekend. I set everything up the night before. I put water in my camel-pak, found my trusty garmin, and headed out the door yesterday. I decided to run on a path near my gym and I was pleasantly surprised by the area :). Yes I knew that this was the more affluent side of town but I didn’t even know this existed in Columbia, SC.

As I ran I took out my Crackberry and took pictures. I saw…


A very nice dog park for the neighborhood.


(Inside the dog park! Cute right?)


Water Fountain


Mini Lake


A nice view while running


( Me Cheesin’)


A house we will buy one day.


A Town Center


And the Time I finished… I know it’s slow, but have you ever ran in Columbia, SC weather? I decided not to be a wimp yesterday but as the time flew by it got hotter and hotter. I tried my best and that’s what matters. This time also included a bathroom break and walks. I’m glad that I ran and today I don’t feel that bad. The bottom of my feet aren’t happy but that’s all.

Thanks 6 miles! I haven’t completed you since my last 10k. This weekend I plan to increase this by one mile, which makes it 7 miles! This will be the farthest I’ve ever done.



I only ran once this week and I feel guilty. I should be out there running right now but I’m writing this post. If I was truly honest with myself, I would say I haven’t been very dedicated to running for this half-marathon as I should be!


I ate chicken fingers and fries with lots of honey mustard on Wednesday for dinner. I skipped lunch that day and I felt sick all day Thursday.

I am addicted to nutella.

I love cake.

I need more greens and veggies in my life. That’s what I am going to concentrate on this week. I am also going to try to wake up early and run in the mornings instead of waiting till the afternoon when it’s super hot outside and I end up at the gym running on the treadmill. You can’t really prepare yourself on the treadmill.

After all I need to look good for a certain event that may be coming :).


Why Hello!

Hello everyone… As I post this I should be reading and responding for my class… But you know… I’m debating on going to the store buying ink, bananas and a blender. Yep that’s what I said.

Ok… This weekend was slow and easy… My friend and I went on an adventure to this place.


Very nice bar which was small but quite nice. Lots of people were making me nervous because they were standing over the clear wall to see over the
building. Why is this amusing? P.S. Did I mention I am a tab bit scared of heights?


We split this… Which was good, but not the best chocolate cake ever.

The rest of the weekend included the following:

House cleaning
Holding Babies
Dinner out with the baby
Trying out a church
And… lots of TV watching.

I did run 3 miles on the Tready Sat. and then spent an hour yesterday with the elliptical machine. I feel a little sore today (I’m a wimp apparently)… I’m probably going to make today a rest day so I can run tomorrow :).

I can’t wait till the weekend!


I’m hoping this will be involved.


Back from Holiday

The boyfriend, my parents and I went to Virginia Beach this weekend. It was great to see family and friends. I got to meet my nephew, Riley, for the first time and I was the over-zealous Auntie taking many many pictures :). Which I promptly posted on facebook. ha! Ok… well there was a lot of eating going on and unfortunately not many pictures… Except a Slurpee from Seven-Eleven- which isn’t blog worthy.


Here’s a picture of the fireworks show we saw on Mt. Trashmore. It was great! My nephew enjoyed it and wasn’t scared at all!

I found out that my next summer class doesn’t start till next Tuesday which means I can start to clean up my eating habits. I cleaned the house really good before we went on our weekend get away so now I just need to clean the fridge and start working out regularly.

Today’s plan include but are not limited to:

Running 2 or 3 mi on the Tready (to hot for an outside run)
Giving the dog a bath
Grocery shopping
Reading some non-related school material

Exciting day 🙂

I leave you with food I’ve been loving lately…


Feta is betta because it doesn’t hurt me as much as other dairy foods do 🙂
This is a frozen Amy’s tofu scramble with hashbrowns (LOVE LOVE)


Watermelon- I can eat a whole one in a week by myself!!!


Fresh veggies in a nice cool salad… yummm…

I better get going on doing something!


I’m Back!

I’ve missed the blog world and I’m sad I’ve been away for so long. I knew that it would be hard for me to start a blog last semester seeing that I was taking more classes and I was volunteering. I had to stop or be clinically insane within the next couple of weeks. Let’s reflect…. So school has always been first and that includes how I eat. I gained at least 5 lb. since I started graduate school last fall. I’m exactly 5’0“ tall so it really shows. I try to keep up with my work-outs and I ”try“ to manage my diet. Let’s just say I haven’t done very well.

I know you are thinking well the semester’s over but my dears I’ve decided to go all the way through my summer with more school. Yep! I’m trying to get done as efficiently and quickly as possible so the boyfriend and I can really start our life together. But it’s summer so I try to get all my stuff done during the week and have the weekends to play. Summer session 1 is almost over which means I have my final exam tomorrow and then we’re on a 4th of July weekend! Yipeeeee!!! Here’s what I have been doing besides school…


Saying good-bye to friends….


Holding babies….


Spending time on the lake…


Spending time in Charleston with my family…


And recently having a little relaxation time in Myrtle Beach.

Yes it’s busy and worth it. I love my life! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for me. Now I don’t promise to blog everyday, but I will blog when I have something to say.  I’ll see you soon and with some food stuff involved next time. hehe…


Back to the Real World

Last weekend the boyfriend and I went skiing.

As promised here is my outfit.


First Layer- Nike workout shirt (thermal inside), ski pants (with workout pants below and thermals), kid size ski socks, gloves, and my hat!


My kid size fleece and New Ski jacket 🙂


Here’s me in action. Yep after my first time on the bunny slope. This is after I crashed and rolled around the snow awhile. My first time skiing 😛

Since then it’s been crazy. Not to mention it actually snowed here in South Carolina last weekend. It’s weird that last week it was snowing and then this weekend it’s sunny. Everyone was wearing flip-flops! That’s South Carolina weather for you.

We ended up at this random BBQ place after skiing and found this sign above us.


It made me laugh!

This week has been a blur of action. Lots of me moving through the motions and trying to find my way to the weekend.


I assembled this lasagna on Tuesday and left instructions for the boyfriend to finish cooking it. I come home after 8 on Tuesdays so I wanted him to be able to eat a home cooked meal. We nibbled it throughout the rest of the week.


These are the notes and yes I did spell lasagna wrong!

I’m Catholic and as you may know or not, it’s Lent. I’ve decided to eliminate all meat and seafood on Fridays. I did not have a chance to go grocery shopping all week and so we were completely out of food. So last Friday I went to Moe’s to get a homewrecker burrito with tofu! So good!! I haven’t really concentrated on eating vegetarian in awhile so it will be interesting. I tried to go veggie awhile ago but found my body needed meat when I ran a lot and of course LIFE was hard to keep track of.


So that’s a little of my week. So in reflection I have been eating out a lot. I could order healthier meals. So I need to work on that. I’ve missed two days of my training schedule because of skiing and the soreness of skiing the next day. I’ve keep up with my running schedule the rest of the time- GO ME! I’m worried that I won’t be in the right shape and I’ll mess up my knees like I did for the 5-miler I did in October. I won’t let it bring me down and I’ll continue!

On to the week. School, work, and life…. Good News is that the house is clean. I’ve also started the laundry that needs cleaning, and there was a sale at Old Navy this weekend on jeans so I got two new pairs!! Yipeeeeee!

Have a good week my friends 🙂

My week ends!

Tomorrow is Sunday which is technically the beginning of a new week.  I’m so happy about it too!  Well I’ll be posting tomorrow so I’ll see you then.  Bye!

Almost the weekend :)

Hello again my friends,

Yesterday was a great day. Well almost… besides some drama on a friend’s behalf I was able to go grocery shopping for the first time in a long time. I just stopped by an Earthfare that was close to the school I volunteer at. I use to live in this area so I was able to go here more often. I really stopped in for fruit… organic fuji apples to be exact and ended up with this…..


Funny thing is I wasn’t hungry I was just excited since I haven’t gone here in a while. I may also have been thirsty. I bought 5 drinks. Anyhow… I’m very excited about everything. The organic grapefruit was on sale (4 for $5) so I jumped on that! So sweet and juicy and I found my bag of little organic fuji apples. My absolute favorite apple!


I had this salad for dinner. Less then half of this. It was huge- family style. Expect this to be eaten for dinner tonight again. There may have been leftover cake consumed as well. Yum!


I’m excited to have this in my oatmeal and finding other ways to have this in my diet. Any suggestions? Do you have to refrigerate this?


I bought this to try as a moisturizer. I read this is the most natural thing to have on your skin. Works REALLY well actually. I tried it last night.


My hand already seems so dry in this picture. Honestly, I have the driest, most sensitive skin you’ve ever seen but this did not irritate me at all! It’s not liquid-like, but a hard form until you warm it with your hand. Interesting.

The boyfriend left to go to work and buy new shoes. He really needs it since he’s been running for work now. He hasn’t bought any in a very longggg time. But since he’s gone I’m able to do some homework and really get going on things I need to do. He is such a distraction!! I’m all geared up in my running entire as I type this and plan on going for 30 min. like my training schedule says.

I’m lucky I have time to pack, do homework, and run today because my classes were cancelled today :).

I’m excited cause this weekend is Valentine’s weekend! Yipeeeeee! So all work needs to be done today. The boyfriend and I are going to a “ski day” with friends in NC on Sat- tubing may be involved as well. I’ll post pictures of my outfit in my next post.

Enjoy your Valentine’s and yes before I met my boyfriend I celebrated – Anti-Valentine’s Day. So if you are celebrating that go out and enjoy that too!

Talk to you laters my friends!