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Hey there blog world!

So today I slept in a little and watched the boyfriend leave this morning. He’s teaching classes on swing-shift this week so we get a little day time together. After he left I ran on my tready. Part of my new year’s resolution is to create a schedule where I planned all the races I wanted to do. I have two races in March that I really want to participate in! St. Pat’s 5K and the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k in Charleston. So I looked up a training schedule online and I put it on my calendar next to the tready.


I’ve already done Day 2. By all means I am not a fast or good racer. I just like doing them because I get a free shirt and the energy in a race is amazing!

Let’s back up a little and talk about last night’s dinner. I came home before the boyfriend so I decided to cook dinner. While running on the treadmill last night I stopped every so often to check the food. We ate family style.


Rice, corn, tocino (Filipino meat), and duck. The boyfriend’s mother made duck while we visited at home so I thought I’d make him some tonight. It’s a frozen kind where I just cooked it in the oven. This meal is so Asian. I was missing something green, but after all that cooking and running I was just lazy. During our meals together the boyfriend and I gab about his work, my school, and things we plan to do for the rest of the week. I enjoy moments like this.


This is my portion with little bits more of duck and corn. It’s so much fun to eat family style. You can start off small and eat more of what you really want. We always tend to have leftovers for the next day too! Bonus!!

Well…. I have 2 classes back to back today and probably won’t be back till 8 tonight. We are probably going to order something to be quick. Hope you have a great one!


Superbowl Sunday

Hey all!

This is going to be quick. Yesterday the boyfriend and I went here….


Yep! The circus. That’s cotton candy and yes it was pure sugar. I actually stopped eating it after a little bit because it was giving me a headache. I remember when I would eat the whole bag myself. The boyfriend also got sugar water I mean lemonade. Luckily I had a bottle water in my purse. Yuck!


So fun!! So much going on at once.

Then we went out with friends to a local Vietnamese restaurant. Yum! But soon after a huge craving for chocolate ice cream hit me!! The boyfriend and I went to Wal-mart to try to find thermals for our ski trip. The line was so long I totally forgot about wanting ice cream and by then it was too late. My sweet boyfriend drove us to Publix because he saw how badly I wanted ice cream. I got this.


I actually bought two just in case I have this craving again. It’s just a 6 oz size which was only 170 calories. Not bad. I thought it tasted a little airy tho. It did it’s purpose and I was happy.

I just finished spot cleaning the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Friends are coming over tonight and we’re going to watch the superbowl. I finished one assignment due tomorrow yesterday night and I have one more 4-page paper left today. Yikes! It’s already 1 and I have till 5. So I’ll have to talk to you guys later 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday.

Rain Rain go away!

Today was one of those days where I was present but my mind was wishing I was asleep. I went to class un-showered with my hair pulled back. It was raining so hard and it was so cold this morning it really kept me from waking up. After class I proceeded to my car and picked up our jackets from the dry-cleaners. It’s been there since Tuesday! I also tried out my new ski jacket and it works perfectly! I didn’t feel any wind. I bet when I layer it with clothing it will be great to ski in.

I came home, ate leftovers, watched some shows on my DVR, and I took a very long nap. It was fabulous. I’ve had such a crazy schedule that I just needed rest. Not to mention I’ve been suffering a little insomnia. I guess I have to much on my mind that I haven’t been able to sleep before midnight. That’s usually not the case with me. I usually hit the pillow and sleep like a baby. A huge factor could also be that I’m not running or really working out anymore. I have a 5k and a 10k coming up in March and I don’t have time to train. I may have to wake up earlier then I’ve been doing (very hard task for me) and make it a priority to run at least 3 or 2 times during the week. I was able to put in some walking time this week on the tready. I think this may even help me sleep earlier at night. I’ll test it out and see how my body responds.

I hate when salons are so busy you have to book an appointment way ahead of time. Tomorrow I set one up for 10am. So early!! They said it was the only time they had available. Here’s what I was thinking.


I love J-Lo. Long side bangs with slight layers at the bottom. I think my hair is longer then hers so of course I don’t want more chopped off. I’m trying to grow my “Bella” hair back! But I don’t know how much of this haircut is how it’s styled. She’s also probably wearing a wig.


I saw this breakfast on the Today show and realized I haven’t had it in awhile so that’s what I planned for this morning’s breakfast. Al Roker was in the White House kitchen and the assistant chef had these kids making this as a healthy to go meal. I’ve been doing this for years! It’s so funny to see someone else say it’s healthy. If you didn’t know Ms. Obama has a mission to fight obesity in children. She’s so great!!

These are two flax blueberry waffles with blueberry preserves and chunky peanut butter. Honestly, this was really good but I missed my oats because it did not hold me over! I was SOOOOO hungry on the way home. I ate leftover spaghetti, melon and chips for lunch.  Not good when I get hungry. Blah… not too photogenic either. Trust me you didn’t miss the picture.

Dinner was pizza hut. Veggie pizza. Not to creative.


On the plus side. Look at this wonderful vase I got at a gallery yesterday. A classmate and I went to this exhibition of children’s art and there was a gallery in the same building. We stopped in and the owner of the gallery actually took the time to share stories about the building and some of her art. We both thought since she was so nice we’d make an effort to buy something. I actually fell in love with this vase and it wasn’t expensive at all. It kinda of mimics the patterns in the pillows I bought recently. The boyfriend even really liked it. She said she bought this at an art market in Atlanta. So fun and unique to me. I don’t think I will ever really put flowers in it. I like it the way it is.

Anyhow! The Circus is tomorrow and then Superbowl SUNDAY!!! Colts vs. the Saints- Kendra Wilkinson vs. Kim Kardashians. haha…. Have a great weekend everyone!

Greek and Skiing

Hello everyone!

Today was great in its way. I am going to be positive about things and not so negative. I woke up and had my breakfast.


This is a filipino roll (this is about 2) with melon. I put some organic butter on top and yummmmm. My mom made some for me this weekend to take home and I’ve been eating them as a quick breakfast.

I quickly headed into class. I thought I was running late but I was the second person in there? I don’t know my internal clock is just so off! Then I headed to the graduate office to do some work. This is just a room that they give us a key to that has computers so we can sit in and if anyone needs us they’ll come in. No one ever needs us. While in this office I ate my lunch.


These are the snacks and lunch that I packed for today. I ended up eating only the wrap and grapes. I’ll repack the rest for lunch tomorrow.


Inside my wrap I had avocados, lettuce, salsa, hummus, and cheese. Very filling!

Then after my office hours I headed to volunteer for one of my professor’s after school thing. It was great. The kids really love art and it’s a joy to be around them. I’m getting real practice as an actual teacher with good children. The only thing that I’m concerned with is that I’m the only “volunteer.” The other 3 grad-students use the class as an independent study. So yah….

After that, I headed to the store to buy this beauty!


Do you see that lining on the inside? That’s what won me over! We are going skiing with friends soon and I didn’t have any waterproof jackets. The boyfriend magically had one in the closet so he was covered. I’m excited. I have gloves, a hat, and planned inside layers. I still plan on buying some thermals for us.

It happens that the store was near one of our favorite take-out places. So of course I had to stop in for Greek! It’s so bad that the person there knows us and knows that we have moved away from that area! But she does hook us up with a bigger slice of dessert.


Yes doesn’t it look devine???
This is a local hole-in-the-wall place. They make everything homemade and all their ingredients are fresh. This is their Oreo Cheesecake!! SO GOOD!!! We only ate a little more than half. I stopped when he did. It was REALLY HARD!


Here is my dinner- Mahi Mahi on rice with salad. I ate all the salad and less then half of the rice and fish. It’s just one of my favorite dinners!! If we move this would be one of the things I miss about this city.

Once my tummy settles from that dinner I still plan on running on the treadmill. I don’t think I’ll have time to work out tomorrow. Tomorrow I will observe another class, answer the phone in the front office, class, and maybe go to an extra credit thing for one of my classes. I’m so glad this week is almost over. The boyfriend and I will be headed to the circus!!!

So catch ya later gators 🙂

Happy Ground Hog’s Day

Hello! So the Ground Hog decided that there’s going to be another 6 weeks of winter. I am so tired of this weather!! I am wearing my puffy jacket because my thinner one is at the dry cleaners. Seriously stinky after that oyster feast. PHEW! I look crazy walking around in it but I don’t like wearing my nice coats to school because I’m afraid paint or other materials will get on them. At least I’m warm :). Today was very dreary and wet. I needed the extra warmth.

Anyhow… Today was a great pace. Different from the usually craziness. I started by reading a little Friday Night Knit Club. It’s starting to get really good. Then I got up and made some breakfast.


Yummy eggs in a basket and grapes. It was quick and easy. I’m boring I know. I read that art book along with breakfast for one of my classes today. During the morning I also did 3 loads of laundry, walk/run on the treadmill for 25 min (warming myself up to running at full speed again), ate lunch and headed to class. I had leftovers from last night which did not make for a friendly picture. I also met up with the teacher I assist for my assistantship and I’m going to be doing some semi-grading for her. I also talked to the graduate secretary and she asked if I can help on Thursday to get more hours. So I am going to answer phones at the front office for the art department. Not to bad. It could be worst. Class was class… moving slow yet fast? If you know what I mean.


I packed these snacks but I only ended up eating the bar. I came home around 8 and the Boyfriend was making dinner. I was so hungry I could have eaten my arm off!!! I ate chips and dip to calm down. I didn’t want to snap and be mean to the great boyfriend who was cooking me dinner. Hungry Joane = Mean Joane.


He made yummy spaghetti made with ground turkey and a jarred sauce from Publix. The boyfriend’s other signature dish 🙂

I’ve got everything ready for tomorrow and I’m already in pj’s. It’s class, maybe office hours and volunteering tomorrow. I’m going to lay in bed and read some more of my book. Can’t wait. Till next time my friends.


Hello all! I am such a bad blogger. It’s been almost a week since my last post. Since this semester has just begun it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed. It’s hard to get back into school mode. After this week I think I can step back and realize that I need to set aside 20 to 30 min each day to exercise. Then I’ll feel a lot better after my week is done. After last week I just felt awful. Improvements needed.

Friday I was stressed from staying after school to work on a project and when I realized that I wasn’t going to be done that night I was very upset. I had a yoga date with my buddy Amy and we stretched out my stress. After coming home my back was tense and I just vegg’ed on the couch watching trash on TV. The next morning I got up early hit the studio and finished my project :). The lab monitor was a lot more understanding then the one the previous night. I was excited and ready to head to Charleston. I tried to go home Friday night to visit my parents and friends but I adjusted to leaving on Saturday. Luckily we were still able to go to the Annual Boone Hall Oyster Roast on Sunday! Yum!! Here are my eats….


Side note: I had my first art casualty. I cut my thumb pretty bad and it’s been in band-aids for the week. I only have 9 working fingers.


I make my breakfasts the night before my morning classes in a to-go container just in case I’m super late. This day I made banana oats with brown sugar on top. I micro-waved it the next day it was delish!! I don’t know why it turned out soupy?


I also pack a lunch bag with snacks on Wednesdays because I volunteer for an after school program. Here is my packed lunch. I ate the wrap and the mini moon pie. This was the day I cut my finger so I wasn’t in the mood for much after all that blood (see above explanation). Sorry to be graphic.


The boyfriend helped me so much last week with dinners. Here is his signature dish- fried rice with egg, chinese sausage, but no veggie. So I decided to top it with spinach, hot sauce, and a little soy sauce. I put this all in the microwave to wilt the spinach. So good!


I packed these snacks for the week. The first bag are nuts with chocolate covered espresso beans. SO GOOD! The second bag is an organic cereal. Still in the bag. I need to eat that a.s.a.p. I hate being wasteful.


While watching Wall-E and before we headed to Chuck Town I had this veggie bread from Fresh Market. I decided against this apple and had a chocolate chip cookie instead. The apple was mushy.


Finally after a dreadful rainy Saturday. Sunday was sunny yet muddy. I had on my handy rain boots from Target!! We finally made it to the Oyster Roast at the Boone Hall Plantation. Yummy delicious oysters!! All mine!!!  THANK YOU BOYFRIEND FOR SHUCKING SOME OYSTERS BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE 9 WORKING FINGERS!


Just look at the size of this one!


Action shot! That’s how they cooked the oysters 🙂


Don’t you love the scenery?


Last night I waited in line for a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle on our way back home and I was disappointed. I had to use the restroom so why not in a delicious place where I can eat? I don’t know something was off? Maybe their burritos are just better?


Today’s Lunch- Ham, harvarti cheese, avocado, with mayo on wheat lightly grilled with melon. I had multi-grain chips on the side with two different dippers- one cheese and one salsa.


My boyfriend has been great and getting food to go some nights when he doesn’t feel like making fried rice. Tonight on his way home he picked up tonight’s dinner. A local place called Mr. Teriyaki- sweet rice, egg, and beef. Along with a nice refreshment in our NE Huskers mug! Boyfriend’s home town!!

Ok hopefully I’ve entertained you. Until next time my friends..

Post coming tonight

Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ll be back tonight 🙂

For now I’m going to my night class!! Cya in a few.


My title explains it. Today has been go go go. First thing’s first. Last night wasn’t very healthy. We went to Red Robin’s because I was reading all day and I decided to go grocery shopping. It’s not smart to go grocery shopping while hungry and Red Robin was there so there we ate. Did you know you can change any burger to veggie or boca? That’s what I did Cheese veggie burger on a whole wheat bun. Yum! Today…

This morning was something different. Whole wheat banana muffin and grapefruit. I ended up eating only half of the grapefruit. The muffin was filling! I didn’t expect it to be.


It’s a new find for me yesterday at Super Bi-Lo.


I came home after my morning class and thought I was dying. Seriously! Maybe it’s the weather? After a quick 30 min nap with Chip I settled on soup. Yes Ramen- So Bad! Again it’s what my dad made me when I was sick when I was little. Along with mineral water to help settle the tummy. I had a bed of spinach at the bottom of the soup for some veggie in my meal.


I didn’t come home after my night class till 7 something and I’ve previously asked the boyfriend to help with meals these two nights. I usually coordinate meals and frozen pizza was a no for him tonight.  So he got take-out from a Vietnamese restaurant.


He got one rice meal and a Vermicelli noodle meal. We combined the two meals and served it family style. My plate is the one with all the veggies on it. We watched it along with some Myth Busters.


Here is my meal with a little bit of everything and the sauce they serve with it drizzled on top. Yum!

Ok… It’s late and I have to get to bed. Tomorrow is my first time observing a class :). I’m so excited!!

Boy/ Girl Day

I think every couple needs to have a day without each other once in awhile. T and I spend yesterday basically apart. After I dropped him off to pick up his car I went to yoga. After class my friend and I met up with another friend and we had lunch at Zoe’s. So the plan was to watch a movie but then someone suggested shopping. Being three girls we decided that was the better idea. So we headed to the mall. I ended up not getting home till 8 something. Yes it was a long day to say the least. I wasn’t hungry till 9, because of our late lunch. Here’s what I came up with.


I wanted something simple so eggs in a basket it was with oranges. It satisfied me :). The boyfriend on the other hand hung out with a friend at home, meet other guys at Carraba’s then went to watch Book of Eli. I asked him if I’d like it and he said he wasn’t sure. I’ll wait for that to come out on DVD. hehe… Around 10 he finally came home when I was “trying” to read for class but I quickly pushed that aside so I can chat with him. I missed his face. So today is going to be school work day since yesterday I had fun day.

I’m so excited about this purchase yesterday. The black and gold pillows were only $4.99 at Ross yesterday! I feel so thrifty!!


This is the breakfast I was eating while blogging.


The book is there to get me motivated! This is an Alexia Biscuit again thawed and toasted in the toaster oven covered with organic butter and raspberry jam. Then I have a side of mango with a little bit of a weird savory filipino sauce. Something I grew up with and reminds me of my dad when I eat it. Then tea because I’m cold. Isn’t my tea bag holder cute?

Till next time blog world! I have to finish my breakfast and read while the boyfriend tries to play his video game on our big tv. What’s up with that?

Early Day

Good Morning all! The boyfriend and I woke up early for a Sat. so we can drop off his car to get the brakes repaired. Instead of going back to sleep I decided that I should go to Starbucks and get an Awake Tea Latte. Oye! Of course, I looked horrible so I went through the drive-through. I asked for Soy milk instead of regular and I think I got regular. See… I’m sort of lactose. Sometimes depending on my body’s mood dairy affects it quickly. Let’s just say today it affected it quickly! I even asked her if she heard me and she said yes. If only they knew!

Anyhow… I made this biscuit for breakfast when we came back home.


Alexia all natural biscuit, morning star sausage, and and a slice of cheese. Yum!


While drinking my tainted Awake tea latte I was on the computer. It spilled in the car so I put the drink in another cup. I seriously have been working non-stop this week for school. I was volun-TOLD to work on a project at school, and I volunteered for another project that will keep me after school helping kids on Wednesday afternoons. I love it and I will get great experience but it’s going to be crazy busy this semester. It’s only week 2 and I’ve been on campus everyday for more than 8 hours. Here’s are some of my eats this week.


This was eaten during lunch on Tuesday. This was a lunch of leftovers that kept me full till 7:30pm when I got home that day. Left over acorn squash with texas pete and catsup, sausage, and rice with soy sauce.


This soup is a recipe from Rachel Ray’s magazine. It contains chicken broth, black beans, broccoli rabe, onions, and sausage. Just all mixed together. It’s very filling and I had it for dinner on Monday night and leftovers on Tuesday night after my late class. That’s going to be a key this semester- LEFTOVERS!


This was yummy oatmeal with banana mixed in while it was on the stove, brown sugar on top and a spoonful of almond butter. This breakfast held me over until lunch yesterday. Even though it was Friday I was in school till 5. Ugh!


Half of this yummy dessert from a local greek restaurant was a treat after dinner last night along with tea. The other half is going to be consumed tonight or after lunch, whichever.

Lots to do this weekend. I want to start and finish a paper for one of my classes today so I can start the readings for another class tomorrow. I also have plans to hang out with the girls tonight and I have a yoga appt. at 12 with a friend. Not to mention I have to drop off the boyfriend to pick up his car! Let’s hope I catch up with everything today.

*Hugs* I’ll see you soon.